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  1. Nadavb

    85 Slayer!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Nadavb

    85 Slayer!

    Thanks! Eh, Whips à volonté! - translation please?
  3. Nadavb

    85 Slayer!

    Finally, after a very long time of slaying, i reached 85! I also got 87 attack 15 minutes ago, thought i might as well stick it in here too :)
  4. Nadavb


    If he sided with the guardians, he would simply need to talk to them to get another pendant. If he sided with Lucien, he would need to kill the guardians in order to get the pendant, might take a while, but he will get it eventually.
  5. Nadavb

    Gilded Altar

    You should go to the Runescape forums, and search for 'gilded altar', many people post when they open their houses (with gilded altars in them) for other people to use.
  6. Nadavb

    Question For My Fellow Rangers..

    I use black dhide, barrows gloves, archer helm (fremmy), ammy of glory, ring of wealth, inf boots (they look cool =)), magic short with iron arrows or bone cbow with bone bolts...crystal when i have enough money to recharge it.

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