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  1. Burningsun01

    Bye Guys. :]

    'twas fun. ^_^
  2. Burningsun01

    For Those Of You Who Like Death-metal

    Bmth isn't death metal. At all. :P
  3. Burningsun01

    Lifes Good. :]

    Um nope. But making out with one is. :P We'll see I guess.. :]
  4. I like changing avatars, and this is the one I chose I'm changing it tonight though. 10 8 7 6 Ahhh I'm kinda drunk. :]
  5. Burningsun01

    Renault Plant, Worker Sit In

    Hopefully this makes sense, cuz i'm slightly drunk. Anyway: Anyway, I can understand that they'd be pissed seeing as all the other laid off workers were given that deal. But threatening to blow up a factory is a little drastic. =/ Plus in order to pay off all those workers Renault would have to cough up over 10 million dollars. That's quite abit of money. :]
  6. Burningsun01

    Lifes Good. :]

    Well I just wanted reassurance that I was making the right choice. Which i'm not getting, probably because i'm not making the right choice. :P P.s.. I'm kinda sorta drunk right now. :]
  7. Burningsun01

    Sal's Tmz: Episode 2

    I agree. I think we should ban all opinions on the forum. Also, where did we say that salcast is bullcr*p? we never did say it was bullcr*p just hard to understand and not so fun to listen to and accent..y oh damn i have a headache Who is we? I'm guessing everyone who's not on the salcast team. :]
  8. Burningsun01

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    Watch out! There's ghosts. :]
  9. Burningsun01

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    It's a band. Just like all the other sigs/avvy's I've had recently. ^_^ :]
  10. Burningsun01

    Lifes Good. :]

    He's.. Backwards. :o :]
  11. Burningsun01

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    There ya go. Much better. :] Keep.

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