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    guitar, rs, msn, goin out, ma gf

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  1. herbivoor2

    3xtermination Vs Blasphemy.

    was fun, sniped entire fight 4 kills 0 death.
  2. herbivoor2

    Solar Crusaders F2p Night

    we r simply teh p00n >.<
  3. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    re sa or ubh
  4. herbivoor2

    Every Start Has An End.

    sad. members didnt realize that people arent active during xmass etc. this is holidays, next monday activity will come back. too late tho, infortunatly
  5. herbivoor2

    Your Clan Leader...

    if stu did i'd just hate him and not care and keep on fulfilling my jobs as hc if jamey did i'd kick his balls irl coz hes an irl mate
  6. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    PE i dont know either of those clans so i go for the shortest name . tr or df
  7. herbivoor2

    The Rising Vs Lithuanian Forces

    seems like epic fight, if tr keeps returning untill 5 am there is really no way to beat them (quote from southparks meets world of warcraft: 'how do you kill that which has no life') (dont consider this flame plz it just crossed my mind) gj both gratz tr
  8. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    not sure, if triforce is as gud as it was when i was in exer i think triforce, adr is cool too tho! TR or TRWF
  9. herbivoor2

    Pass Me The Coke, I Be Thirsty!

    was boring war due lack of binders and they not attacking me.. 3 kills 0 deaths, trained 8,5k att exp lool
  10. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    team stu fap unit or team bandos
  11. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    gladz 2m or trwf
  12. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    triforce. ni or our world now? XD
  13. herbivoor2

    The Pro's Demoted The King.

    thanks for ur usefull add to this topic, also thanks for bumping an old topic. gj man.
  14. herbivoor2

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    protential duh. vitality is cool too but im hc in pro so no hard choice;) blas or adrenaline
  15. i understand ur point euro, but if they have people running to non multi or out of bounds for 5+ times in a row, on purpose, and flaming you coz u are noob and he would ofcourse own u in a 1 v 1. i dont think haoshu wuldve made much difference in that. if a clan cant fight when their leader is dead theyre doing it wrong tbh

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