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  1. Icedearth15876

    Taste Vengeance Sir

    Congratz on 94 magic!
  2. Icedearth15876

    Billy Powell From Lynyrd Skynyrd Has Passed On

    This is so sad, one of my favorite musicians he was, thanks for posting this bro. Really the poster of this thread is my brother.
  3. Icedearth15876

    Progress On Attack Pure

    Congratz on 40 attack! >.<
  4. Icedearth15876


    Way too chaotic, I can't even see the render. It's just too messy.
  5. Icedearth15876

    Any Good Games, Online?

    Conquer Online is great and it's free, you just have to download it. It's bigger than Runescape.
  6. Icedearth15876

    Some Of My Afghanistan-iraq Pics

    Wow, you got some very nice pics there, I wouldn't expect to be taking pictures while over there. Thanks for serving our country also. I'm getting ready to leave for Iraq early next month with the Marines, I hope it goes well...
  7. Icedearth15876

    New Quest

    No support here that's a terrible idea, too easy for such a great and wanted item. Besides dragon pickaxe idea has been discarded by Jagex from what I've heard. So a quest for it won't happen anyways.
  8. Icedearth15876

    Got A Small Problem With Computer

    Yes it stops then it comes back on after about 15-20 minutes maybe longer. We've virus scanned our computer and it found nothing that's why it's so confusing.
  9. Icedearth15876

    Got A Small Problem With Computer

    Music is not in the background no, and yes it keeps playing even when I close out the media player, I have no idea what is going on, it's music from when I was watching anime a few days ago and I don't know why it's still playing on there.
  10. Ok well this just started this morning, my dad went to listen to his gospel music on the media player and we got music playing in the background and we don't know where it's coming from, there are no other things playing no itunes or any other music players and the only music that should be playing is his, what's going on here? Is it a virus or something we should be worried about?
  11. Icedearth15876

    233 Random Events Later

    Congratz on 96 def.!
  12. Icedearth15876

    What You Want For The Holidays!

    A better job Dead Space Resistance 2 Need For Speed: Undercover and A second PS3 controller.
  13. Icedearth15876

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Sorry for posting another pic but those were kinda old so I'm gonna post a more recent one I just found: BTW I'm the one in the white t-shirt. I was in Tennessee for a family reunion and this was taken at the Cumberland Gap. People around me are aunts and uncle then my dad on the right.
  14. Icedearth15876

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Me on Graduation day few months ago: Prom Night: Me in my tux : Me and my gf at the time in our limo (Limo FTW!): The limo was for me and 5 girls... lol.
  15. Icedearth15876


    Dude STFU, just because we've made bad attacks doesn't mean that we deserved it or anything. Don't talk about shizzle you don't know bull fudgeing shizzle about. Why the fudgeing hell was this edited out damn it i wanted this cabbage to see what I had to say about his bull shizzle fudgeing comments.

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