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  1. AtilaCXL

    Sals Teamspeak

    Totally join so I can hear what you all sound like..hue hue.
  2. OK, so I need more motivation to make moolah and save, so i'm posting this to document my gains and/or losses toward my main goal of dual drygore maces. At the time of writing this intro, dual drygore maces are 89,420,772gp for the mainhand, and 40,474,619gp for the offhand, for a total of 129,895,391gp. EDIT:I have got 99 Slayer! I predict my gains to slow down somewhat until I decide upon a method of cash making. I have found I do not like frost dragons, partially because they are so far away from a bank, partially cos I take so much damage (yes I know about the orbs :P), so I may camp exiled kalphites for a while, since I've found them good xp and quick money. I am still open to suggestions though. My generous estimate on the completion of this log will be late March early April. Props to Zooey for the banner :D STARTING CASH: STARTING STATS: WEEK ONE WRAP-UP: Total takings; 26,197,736. Overall, very happy for only slaying. NOTEWORTHY/RARE DROPS: Dragon Kite Ornament Kit (sp) Focus Sight x 2 Ascension Keystone Quartus x 1 Staff of Light x 1: 300k (100k under market :<) Dragon Helm x 4 Triskelion Key x 1 (all pieces) Sirenic Scale x 3 (all in one task!) Effigy x 1 SCREENSHOTS: 60M! Two thirds to mainhand :D: 71m:! rollin in dat monayy ;p
  3. AtilaCXL

    Skill Competition 33 - Slayer

  4. AtilaCXL

    Skill Competition 33 - Slayer

    slayer > all
  5. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Amazing Adventure to dual Drygores

    94 Mage, if only ice barrage was useful.
  6. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Amazing Adventure to dual Drygores

    99 Slayer! woooooot!
  7. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Amazing Adventure to dual Drygores

    Not taking hits took a back seat to hitting harder and more often, a relic of the old combat system. But yes, thats my next 99, unless I get a tonne of ranged slayer tasks somehow.
  8. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Amazing Adventure to dual Drygores

    89 defence at jadinkos :P
  9. AtilaCXL

    You put those hours in, and look at what you get.

    Your UI is painful to my eyes. But good luck on yer goals. P.S Make your UI less hideous :<
  10. AtilaCXL

    What did you learn today?

    I learnt that the Royal Society has a sign book with signatures from a lot of the most influential scientists, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, and more recently, Peter Higgs (think Higgs Boson). Amazing piece of history that is still in use today.
  11. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Amazing Adventure to dual Drygores

    Unfortunately, i've never been too lucky with monster drops. I can dream though :P Got 93 mage yesterday :D
  12. AtilaCXL

    Fabio's adventures

    I liek dis. Keep going :3
  13. AtilaCXL

    Banner request

    That's perfectly fine! Thanks a bunch :)
  14. AtilaCXL

    Banner request

    I need a banner of sorts for my log. I'd like it to say Atila's Amazing Adventure to Dual Drygores. I'd like it to have the drygore maces in the banner somehow, and if it works, i'd like for the banner to be some shade of green. I don't know the protocol for requests, so let me know if i'm asking for too much.
  15. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Amazing Adventure to dual Drygores

    I think the fury and infinity kits are still a good price
  16. AtilaCXL

    Look, a trisk key!

    So, here's the assembeled triskelion key, all piecees gained in 3 days! Loot pic incoming EDIT: Loot was 5 Dragonstone, 2 Yew seeds and 1 Magic seed
  17. Second time capped. Here j00 go.
  18. Uwahhh I haven't been on sals for ages. Is this what you want?
  19. Second week back to runescape, first week being able to contribute properly, here is photographic evidence :(
  20. archived skill log, saving for posterity.
  21. AtilaCXL

    Atila's Delayed Log Of Everything!

    Ythanks secksie n fishy, and yes, L is pretty damned awesome. EDIT: Some more info added.
  22. AtilaCXL

    Hell Is Around The Corner

    Amg Hi!!! :P I see myself in one of your screenies :( Gl, and I thupport you! :D
  23. AtilaCXL

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Zapy, your rich, gtfo =.= Also B0b, there's a site, random.org, which you can get it to generate a number out of I think up to one billion numbers, and It will randomly generate 1 to 10k numbers. Worth a look I reckon.

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