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  1. killercrak

    The New Interface.wtf!

    IMO, it looks better than before.
  2. killercrak

    The Most Memorable Event Of Runescape

    The Falador Massacre. I'm sure that is how "Down With The Sickness" got popular.
  3. killercrak

    Need Friendly Help.

    Like I said, I need to make money back. I could POSSIBLY start tomorrow.
  4. killercrak


    Cutting yews. Just get 60wc, it can take 1 day to get it from 1-60 if you no-life it.
  5. killercrak

    Need Friendly Help.

    I would be glad to help you out once I actually make back some money (ATM mining pure essence for natures) I just finished saving for my dchain and I'm outta cash
  6. killercrak


    But it only takes less than 3 days to get 1mill in f2p
  7. killercrak

    Membership Price Change

    Don't play if you don't like it, no one is forcing you. So stop fudgeing complaining.
  8. killercrak

    Hero's Quest

    Ummm my friend did it with me and he already completed it.
  9. killercrak

    Good Item To Double Money With?

    No... i have 3.5mill ready to spend on an item to try to make some money off it...
  10. killercrak

    Runescape Hd For F2p

    I never thought java got money, I think you mean JAGeX
  11. killercrak

    Good Item To Double Money With?

    Im lookin to take my 3.5mill cash and possibly make a huge profit (2-3mill). is there any way I can do this quickly? I was thinking of tanning hides, but i dont know the profit.
  12. killercrak

    Leaked Pics Of Future Items

    I believe this more than sailing.
  13. killercrak

    Do You Collect Anything?

    swamp toads

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