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  1. King Mic

    RIP me

    Cheers Fatalysm! I’m just sad you didn’t tell me beforehand, I would’ve asked you to add a “Ps - Micael says Santafish sucks! Squirtle Squad rules!”
  2. King Mic

    RIP me

    Oh I believe you, I’m really not waiting for you to fix it per se. I’m just waiting to see if it’ll go away or fix itself. It’s doable to use a VPN for sure, but still an annoying inconvenience.
  3. King Mic

    RIP me

    If it remains in place for much longer I’m afraid I may be forced to do just that. Hopefully it’ll fix itself soon enough. I’ve been enjoying the blog too, I’m aware it’s not excellent by any means but there’s something very satisfying about remembering past events associated to Sal’s and putting them into words. It’s very nice exercise.
  4. King Mic

    RIP me

    My apologies for the double post, if I just edit the previous one it won’t be seen. Unfortunately the IP block remains in place, and the two blog entries I had prepared are unfinished and require using a computer for files not in my phone. I likely won’t be posting any blog entries until the ban fixes itself.
  5. King Mic

    The Falador Massacre

    Good times! I remember being online on Sal’s as it was happening, during an IT class at school. I’ve stopped caring about my typos a long time ago. I’ve realized I’ll never been able to catch them all. Whenever I find one I’ll still try and correct it, but I no longer obsess over it. But I used to. A LOT.
  6. King Mic

    The Falador Massacre

    This entry isn’t the best, but because I’m still IP blocked I can only use my phone to write, and the content I can add is rather limited. 06-06-(20)06 - RuneScape's day of infamy. Or RuneScape's most exciting day. Depends on who you ask. 6-6-6 was the day the Construction party bug took place, and a then rather unknown player - Durial321 - became the stuff of legend. I could explain what happened in my own words, even though most people probably remember the whole thing like it happened yesterday, given how shocking it was at the time. But I'll let your own and only @Adam? tl;dr it to you: 2007 Adam? is completely right. The Falador Massacre was caused by a combat ring bug in Cursed You's house. Cursed You was an insanely rich player, who invested his many resources into becoming the first player to ever achieve 99 in the then extremely expensive skill Construction. To celebrate this fact - like any rich person would - Cursed You threw a gigantic party at his PoH and invited the entire game to attend. Things went sour when Cursed You decided to expel the many players inside his PoH, causing a malfunction in the house itself and the game. Players in the house's PvP area - not all but only a select few - found themselves able to attack people outside the PoH's instanced area. A dream come true to any PvPer. One player in particular took advantage of this: Durial321. He began slaying people left and right, killing them with a combination of deadly Ice Barrages and his Abyssal Whip (back them still the top weapon). Players caught and killed dropped all their valuables, allowing Durial to loot two already then very expensive Party Hats, including a Green Party hat Durial then wore as the ultimate middle finger to the people he was killing, as seen in the video footage. After a few minutes of complete and total mayhem, Jagex staff finally intervened and disconnected Durial321, and banned him for bug abuse. By then damage and been done and RuneScape history had been written. in 2016 Jagex hosted events celebrating this infamous day, with multiple references to Durial321, Green Party hats, and a NPC version of Durial for players to fight. The original Massacre video:
  7. King Mic

    RIP me

    I’m sure you can come up with an equally hilarious manner for me to die in two quick and irrelevant-to-the-storyline panels. Make Yuanrang murder me instead of freeing me from the IP ban jail.
  8. King Mic

    RIP me

    God damnit! This damn forum remains a deadly trap. Yes I believe it happened after I tried to send the same status update one too many times. It seems I can’t make status updates anymore for some reason, the button just acts as if it’s not being pressed. Trying to many times got me blocked most likely. Because only the destroyer of worlds himself can spare me!! (But apparently in this case he’s as useless as the rest of us bwahahaha)
  9. King Mic

    RIP me

    Help! Someone alert Yuanrang, I’ve been IP banned AGAIN!!I mean it! I’m using my mobile data to access the forums lmao.
  10. King Mic

    Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars - 04/03/2013

    The link leads nowhere to me. But yeah I appreciate the incentive Fatalysm, but my desire to play is long gone. Like I said it'd require a miracle like these forums reviving for me to even consider coming back. I'm happy to know you made your way back and are having fun though.
  11. Two of my most prized RuneScape related possessions were made here, by two extremely talented women of Sal's Realm: @zellychan and @Cresenne! (I hope I got your tags correct) Both were (and likely still are!) amazing artists, capable of turning into amazing pieces of art anything you requested of them using only their pens and imagination. I've used and abused their amazing gifts here and every other RuneScape forum, ranking as my top used signatures online, anywhere. Words cannot express how grateful I am that they sacrificed their time to make a relatively unknown at the time RuneScape player (and noob) this happy. Santa hats off to the two of you. The first piece shows my RuneScape character in a Clan War, sporting 3xtermination (a Sal's based clan) colors (red), 'tanking' enemies from a green capped clan. White medium hair, because in my youth I was a huge fan of Devil May Cry and Dante. Zamorak armor because the lore lover in me enjoyed showcasing my preferrences when it came to the Gods. And because, let's face it, it was mad stylish. The second piece was done years later, and shows my evolution as a RuneScape player from your basic "F2P PKer / Clanner" to all around PvPer claded in P2P mage armour. The switch in combat style came with my love for the skill of Magic, which quickly became my favourite combat skill and area of expertise. Magic was never made to be viable as a single combat skill in the F2P version, with it being only useful during clan wars with the added protection numbers provided. P2P on the other hand, it was deadly, cool and very satisfying.
  12. King Mic

    King of F2P PvP - Corrupt Drops

    Hahaha that's a perfect analogy! Spot on! Ultimately most people simply ignored and/or dismissed F2P PKing as pointless, especially those with little knowledge about PvP. And it's understandable, who cares about watching extremely talented performers in a 2nd or 3rd rate show, when you can watch the big mountains of muscles lifting 100 kilos of meat above their heads with better titles at stake and shinier gear? P2P was the big leagues, but F2P was fun too and that's all what matters.
  13. King Mic

    Sal's Realm Old School Castle Wars - 04/03/2013

    I wonder if Sal ever made it to level 90. And yup, I was maxed combat, or at least was passed as maxed combat in 2013. I legit have no clue if they introduced more levels or skills. Ah I wish that was possible. I am aware it's against the RuneScape rules, so maybe I shouldn't have done it... but it just felt like such a gigantic waste to never use a perfectly fine account again and the result of over a decade of dedicated gaming. I gave it away to an online friend a long time ago. I haven't had contact with him in forever, but even if I had it just wouldn't feel right to get it back now (assuming he didn't get the account banned or something of the sort) or recovering it - again assuming I could even recover it to begin with, I remember next to nothing about it. For all purposes it's no longer mine, regardless of the moral validity of what I did when I gave it away. To play again I'd have to start from zero, and I really do lack the motivation. Sal's suddenly being revived with a burst of activity and going back to the levels of 2006 is literally the only thing that could bring me back to the game at this point, in a new account.
  14. King Mic

    The Blog's Banner

    Hard to fight back when I unintentionally roasted myself a long time ago.

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