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  1. Nice to see warring clans recruiting here! Wish you all the luck! Any relation to the legendary RuneScape Dinasty, or just a coincidence?
  2. It sure is. Sal's will never die as long as some of us visit every once in a while.
  3. I hold no grudge towards you or even PinkyTM who used to be a bit worse than you. I know you were both very young, even more so than teenage me. And exactly like you said, it was easy to lose control especially when as kids we have the tendency not to understand the consequences of some of our actions. Kids bicker, kids fight. That's normal, and that's only what most of you were guilty of. It's harder for me at least to forgive worse attitudes like Macki's. He didn't just fight and bicker, he bullied. And he bullied resorting to racism, discrimination, he impersonated others and made things very personal. His behavior wasn't that of a kid, it was almost criminal like. It was objectively speaking criminal in some instances, especially when it came to impersonating others to cause real damage to their reputation, and what you yourself brought up: sharing pornographic material with impressionable underage barely teens. I'm not sure if he's just legitimately an awful person or if it was a matter of education or lack of proper parental figures, all I can say is that I really do hope he has changed for the better after all these years, and improved himself as a person.
  4. Hey at least I'm safe, my wife and I don't want kids!
  5. A bit more on topic it's actually somewhat funny. If I recall it accurately, they used to be quite arrogant about their activity back when everyone else was slumping hard. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  6. King Mic


    Wow 2017 me was illiterate. "3 leagues in a round". Anyway go Portugal, we'll win this Euro too! Suck it Dani
  7. The people you banned will pass their bitterness to their descendants. Sal's will never die as long as the lineage of your victims endures.
  8. My enemy returned and I wasn't here to stop his evil team Santafish

  10. Thank you Taso! Past-Micael is very happy with your congratulations message! <3
  11. How long ago was that even? All I recall from being a newbie here was you being already maxed. By the time I got 99 you must have had it for years and years. Magic was brilliant in P2P. Became even better with EoC, when most weaknesses Magic suffered from got some fixes. I was never much into P2P combat in a PKing sense, but for all other forms of safe PvP I did rock Magic.
  12. I thought about playing again, but if I were ever to do so - in my super limited time - I’d still probably prefer OSRS for the nostalgia feel. But then I always think of how insane it would be to have to do everything again from scratch, and what ultimate goal is even have? I assume clanning is still dead and buried, sadly.
  13. Am I the only one who misses when you had an option to see all the topics you made? It saved so much time searching for something you wanted to find posted by yourself.

    Or does it still exist, and I’m just blind?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fatalysm


      Member Stobbo?

      Member Tutorials?

      Member deleted subforums.

      Member Stobbo again?

      Ahhhh I member.

    3. Yuanrang


      It still exist. Or, I can see it, at least. 

      Go to the user profile --> "See their activity" and find "Topics", which should be a list of all made topics.

    4. Adam?


      nice I legitimately didn't know that

  14. I don’t remember how I personally fared, I was probably the first piled since I guess they figured as the person who setup the war it must mean I was one of the few knowing what I was doing. But it made me quite proud to see how well everyone did even though we lost.
  15. I was actually surprised it went as well as it did, considering we had so many mismatched levels and inexperienced people.
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