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  1. Micael Fatia

    Yuanrang is admin

    I wanted to make a great entrance post, but I just realised there's so much to say, so much to cover and too little time. Nostalgia hits hard. You know as a teen when I joined here I've always sort of admired you as role model of what I wanted to be in RuneScape, in this community and as a person. And in many ways I shaped myself, my personality, my way of handling situations etc the best I could in your image. A bit silly to say but it's the purest of truths, in many ways I am the person I am today greatly by the influence Yuanrang had on me. My time and competence moderating other successful games/communities, my real life values, friendships etc... the praise I've received for it is all to the large part thanks to the lessons Yuan taught me, those he did so interacting personally with me, and the ones I learned myself simply watching him. It's so odd to think of the people who has affected my life the most - in a positive manner - is someone I've never seen, that I've only ever contacted in messages. And yet it's someone I always talk about with absolute deference and pride when I am asked why I am as efficient and good with community management, and dealing with trolls/rule-breaking and similar situations. Who I was then is a mere shade of what I am today. I was a little prick when I was around, in all these years. I can see it now clearly when looking back at my posts even though I considered myself oh-so-cool, and I can see how much I've grew and how I lost so many of the bad past traits and kept so many of the good ones which were mainly Yuanrang's influence. If only he had become an Admin sooner. Nobody deserves it more than he did, and I'll happily fight anybody who disagrees. A congratulations feels so out of place given the state of Sal's and RuneScape in general, but I'll happily pretend it was the good old days of the golden age of Sal's and RS. Hats off to you Yuan. Hope life is treating you well friend.
  2. Micael Fatia

    Best Edition of RuneScape?

    Pre-EoC RuneScape for me, without any question. Pre-EoC RuneScape was already outdated compared to many games out there, but it still held such a strong nostalgia and commitment from players that it remained actual and immensely populated and active. I'm not an EoC hater, but I must admit it did kill some of the most enjoyable parts of the game for me. I eventually adapted and still enjoyed the game many years after EoC, but a lot of people didn't, and PvP & clanning - which were by far my favorite parts of the game - never recovered.
  3. Micael Fatia

    Past Skill Competition Winners

    Blast from the past. I miss this. Was hard work keeping it updated, but it was also a pretty fun experience. Wish I had thought of hosting skill competitions when we had even more active members, and people cared more about participating. Massive thanks to everyone who ever participated and took it seriously. You guys made it great.
  4. Micael Fatia

    120 Ranged

    This is amazing my man. Congratulations! Quite the achievement!
  5. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Howdy Nitty! Long time no see! Miss you bud. We didn't, but I definitely remember your name and avatar. Great to hear from you and see you still visit occasionally. Man I miss your shenanigans! We never really interacted much directly, but you were part of the furniture here. Good times, good times. Howdy Fatalysm! Real life got in the way! I was really worn out when I quit here, and then just slowly detached from RuneScape as a whole and stopped having reasons to visit. Unrelated but for those wondering, my old account is not mine anymore. I gave it away to a friend when I quit, and requested that he did not interact with any of my friends in any form or shape and change the account's name. I know it's technically against the rules, but let's be frank - I put over a decade in that account. It was just too good to go to waste. I'd much rather have a friend take charge of it and continue playing, than just have the account rot away. I've no clue what happened to it and no desire to find out, hopefully said friend still plays. Any time any day bro. What a blast from the past seeing your name. Miss the old clan drama. Sad I never got to join DF. I did! Took a while but yay. Had forgotten Sal's forums randomly IP banned people for some reason lmao And yeah we had quite the lengthy convos about the clan section back in the day. I actually checked them the other day for nostalgia hahaha. I don't think anything else needs to be said about it. My opinion is still the same it was then - the staff had no desire to deal with immature clanners, and the clanners let a vocal minority 'represent' them and cause chaos. And when some members of the staff 'retaliated' by imposing rules more strictly, the silent majority that didn't quite care about the opinion of the vocal minority took it as a declaration of war. The rest is history. Yeah that was kind of an issue. Whenever clans like Gladz or Exodus and stuff weren't doing too hot in the main clan scene, they'd come here to try and feel like big boys again. And thought themselves entitled to special admiration for being bigger than the home-clans. Most of the drama that led to the dissolution of Sal's clanning came from members not originally from Sal's, and from non-Sal's clans like Exodus. Well, I believe it's been long enough for all of us to be honest about the things that happened in the past, but yes I didn't think much of you when I first joined and the first couple years around. You were young, I'll give you that, but Macki wasn't a nice person at all. And I could never understand why you and PinkyTM followed him like he was the messiah and joined together to troll completely nice and harmless people such as Dj Gavriel. It was pretty immature and petty. That being said, you did grow up and towards my final years here you seemed to have turned into a rather decent person. PinkyTM had long left then, but he too had turned somewhat nicer a while after Macki got the boot. As for Macki himself, doubt he ever grew out of that stage. Considering the amount of effort he put into impersonating others and trying to drag the reputation of other people through the mud with fake emails, and stealing pictures etc. It wasn't just childish, it was a tremendously petty and sh!tty behavior. As for Benn0, we clashed before but like I said part of the whole drama was very rooted in some heavy misunderstandings. Benn0 himself admitted he was wrong in doing what he did, and that he felt he had been pushed into it. I feel he grew out of it in a manner I very much didn't expect, but I was very pleased to see him do it. Despite the past, I've got nothing but respect for Benn0 now and the player and person he had turned into the last few times we talked. It's nice to see you Sofee, hope life has been treating you well. OH MY GOSH Kamil!! Buddy let me tell you right away that the memories of us PvPing during the Bandos Vs Armadyl event remains one of my fondest - if not the fondest - RuneScape memories ever. I can hardly recall ever having so much fun, and it only makes it more impressive that it happened during the EoC era when combat just wasn't the same for old schoolers like me. I really do hope you've been well and that your life is going as great as mine is. Miss you and the fun we had a lot! Heyy!
  6. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Oh and bodybordguru, I think I remember him. He was in Blades of Serenity, wasn't he? I remember they were allied with the Forgotten Templars back when I was in 3xtermination. Hahaha found it! Shame the pictures are all gone. I wish I had saved them somewhere safer. These were the 9 best kills of them if I remember correctly. The rest weren't as great or had just Breaker dying without a kill message as evidence. I was very obsessed with always having evidence. And this hahaha. The final posts in that topic. My gosh I was incredibly edgy hahaha. BANNED FROM MY WILDERNESS Omg Hilly's signature sums up quite nicely my RuneScape-self. Good times.
  7. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    I don't think I've got much to offer to you in terms of advice, or anything really, but just so you know if you ever need anything I'm always available. Ah that's good! Happy to see he's doing well. Let him know I said hi and hope he's doing well next time you talk to him. vBreaker was one of the worst people I've met online by far. He was always mildly bothersome, but he became a trillion times worse after joining RoT. The DDoS threats, the bullying of anybody whom he perceived as less skilled than him... complete bananas guy. I couldn't stand him. Long after he got banned here he kept showing up at DDB's wars or anti-crash trips just to snipe me, knowing very well DDB could do nothing to protect me or RoT would crash them. I was forced to retire because of this, but as soon as I did I returned the favor in full force. Seeing as I was clanless, nothing was stopping me from camping vBreaker during RoT's wars LOL. Most fun I've ever had in RuneScape, if I'm honest. As petty as it sounds. I camped vBreaker and killed him 21 times during RoT's final war vs VR before they closed, their final war of the in the non-osrs pre-EoC. I remember vBreaker posting in the war topic of RSC that it was "easy" and he never died, just for me to quote him with 21 kill pictures. Lmfao. Hilarious stuff. Oh right! I forgot I've got you added there too! I'm very distracted on Steam, generally even forget to turn my status on when I'm playing games. I am Dux in there, I had to disassociate from my real name - which I've always used here - to avoid more Macki situations. I managed to become famous in another game by accident for standing up for the community, and that tends to make you obsessive 'enemies'. It's been at least two years since, but I'm not taking risks.
  8. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Blast from the past. You can see how much I liked Macki in this post from 2008. Ahhh all my angst and terrible grammar.
  9. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Mano! It's been so long! We were definitely friends. In fact, you're one of the first friends I made here! I remember Macki. And not for good reasons. I can say I've never been one to hold grudges for long, and Benn0 is a perfect example of it. He was very difficult to deal with, possibly the most difficult troll to deal with in the history of Sal's Realm, and even he had some redeeming qualities and turned out an alright fellow who grew up in the end. But Macki? One of the very few people, alongside vBreaker I'm unable to think of fondly in any shape or form. I remember how he grew in popularity because of his Skill Log, and then turned into a massive tool with a group of followers almost like a cult. He'd treat anybody who disagreed with him like utter garbage, for the great crime of having disagreed with him. We clashed for the first time when he went to Sal's chat - back when I was an immature nobody, years before I became a moderator - just to bully Dj Gavriel with his little crew of supporters. Then he grew an obsession with me and stole pictures from here and faked emails to impersonate me on MSN. Cringe. I remember it so well. I also remember how you leaked to me a lot of stuff he was doing in my name, and posting in his forums after he got banned here. I was able to do a lot of damage control thanks to you. It's amazing how much petty drama we had. Omg who let this guy in I thought a lot about you not that long ago too! It really made me sad when Portugal won the European and I couldn't find you to brag about it Guys ya'll should add me on Facebook or Discord or something.
  10. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    He does? In like a methaphorical manner, or he actually still trolls it? That's really odd. He did apologise to me about much of his behavior and I thought he had gotten over it. If he's still causing trouble I legit suggest looking into the possibility of impersonators trying to troll by pretending to be his old-self. I did have some real nice talks with him, so I'd be really shocked if he had gotten back to causing trouble. Like when people used to impersonate old trolls from here for the laughs. I was in PKPete's team too during my time with DI. The Red Army. Consisted of mainly old 3x and DDB members. They closed down now, and the remaining members joined some other team. But Pete occasionally writes on the Red Army Discord, even if not very often. That's amazing. How time flies. Will you ever introduce them to RuneScape? Maybe! But I definitely learned a lot from you. It always shocked me how most of the forum was unable to see how often you took the fall for plenty of moderator actions and mistakes you weren't to blame for, just so the rest of the team didn't have to take the blame. I know being the villain was part of it, but all the same it always felt so unfair. To me that definitely was part of the reason why you were the best moderator here, as you were always taking responsibilities that weren't your own just so others would have it easy. I wasn't blind to this. And during my brief time as DM and clan chat moderator I tried to do the same. Play the role of villain so that my fellow moderators could have it easier. Yeah! I remember these talks. I think the Digimon one was first, then FF. I don't play either nowadays anymore. Whenever I have some time to play MMOs I usually focus on ESO. Damn it is soooo good. I love the lore. It's really something when I was struggling with some problems I spoke with you about I couldn't help but ask for your advice, even thought I had quit Sal's and RuneScape for a considerable time. I still valued immensely your advice, and it really did help. Not sure I ever properly thanked you for that, but you know... thanks Yuan.
  11. Micael Fatia


    We're all growing up. I'm very happy to see life is treating another old member of the community so well. We've never really talked much I believe, but I remember you and seeing you post here feels very nostalgic. Don't feel scared of interacting with Sal's Realm members in real life. I still keep contact with plenty on Facebook. I've grew to view them as more than just old community friends, but actual real life friends too.
  12. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    You give me too much credit Zooey. But it's nice to be remembered as more than just an asshat. It's true we didn't interact as much as we could have, but I definitely remember you as being cool too and the person to go to when it came to chill and quality graphics. And of course I have it! Loved these little underbanners. I showed it to my girlfriend to brag about my nerdy achievements too. Hahaha. I also remember you serving as some sort of neutral ground between the staff here and the Benno group back during that drama mess. Mainly the only person we could reason with. Actually fun fact about Benno; years after I quit here I had another brief run at Old School RuneScape. I wasn't active at all, was just in it to join Damage Inc and PvP whenever possible. By then Sal's had already died down so much that I joined RuneScape Community for the Clan Section. I found out Benno had became a junior moderator of sorts there, and he wrote to me. We got talking about the old drama times, and how bad the whole situation had been. It was really nice to see how he grew up and became a rather cool guy, and helpful member of the RuneScape Community forums before they closed down. I also know I earned MoTM there and the Exclusive rank because he and PkPete pulled their strings of influence to get people to vote for me. I miss both of these guys. I never thought I'd say I'd miss Benn0 after all the trouble he caused us. But yeah, it would be really awesome if we could find a way to save everything. These are precious memories. Sal's Realm was part of my childhood and young adulthood far more than RuneScape itself ever was. I owe a lot of what I am today to the experiences and the people here. And some of you guys influenced me more than you possibly imagine. Especially Yuanrang. In a way I was one of his students, even if I never attended any of his classes.
  13. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Sorry to the people I was unable to give a like to! It seems there's a daily limit or something.
  14. Micael Fatia

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    After all these years you are still the same insufferable, annoying and yet lovable all the same Guitarguy who can't get my name right. God damnit! Omg Sobend my dude! How's everything! You are by far one of the people I missed the most. Good times! And who are you, the proud lord said Leo! So nice to see you're still around! The person who took over my position as the top PvPer here. I missed all the fun stuff we used to do and talk about! Hope you're still kicking butt in the Wilderness. Howdy Chaoss! It's amazing you're still around too. I feel you've been here since forever. Part of the furniture! Oh my gosh this dude! How's family life going Eggy? I bet the kid's a young man (or woman, I forgot. Sorry!) now. You gotta tell me how everything's progressing. Soon enough I'll be having a family of my own and any tips would be amazing! Howdy Flames. Nice to see you popping back for a visit too. Oh please, like you weren't the moderator who liked me the most and even one of the people around with the most patience with me. Hahaha! Miss you a lot Yuan! You were like a mentor to me here, even if you never took the role. All I wanted was to be a good role model like you were.

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