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  1. Honestly I'm happy with anything that's not white/bright.
  2. Micael Fatia

    What happened to the value of my rare(s)??

    They made an event in which Party Hats, Santa Hats and H'ween masks would appear randomly in parts of the wilderness if I remember it right. People just hoarded them knowing they'd become 'rares' but because there's so many around now they have no real value.
  3. We'll agree to disagree then. I didn't come visit here to get into a pointless argument over something that won't impact me in the long run, so I don't get why my opinion and the manner I worded my dislike for the current skin matters. It's a matter of opinion in the end, and the bright skin does make it more difficult for me to deal with the site. Especially taking into account I have 12K posts, that should give you a fair idea of the time I spent here and how used I got to the old simple interface in which I > always < used dark skins. If I felt it was a minor thing, I wouldn't have brought it up to begin with. Anyway, how've you been? Long time no see.
  4. And I'm struggling to understand why it doesn't make sense. The skin itself makes it harder to navigate, purely because of the sore it is to the eyes. When you use DI's everything appears immediately neatly organized and super simple to interact with, and here it does the opposite effect. It truly drained me the first time I logged in trying to find the forums I was looking for and I'm used to look for in a heart beat after years and years using them. How can you 'counter' with something I acknowledged in my own posts and present it as a counter-argument? That's the only thing not making sense. I pointed out it was difficult to navigate, that it used the same software as the DI forums and the skin was most likely what was making it so difficult - in my own personal opinion - for me to come to terms with the new interface. And you replied with " don't agree, the Damage Inc forum is the exact same version and when I just visited it I had no trouble understand it. Sure this is different from the last Sal's version, but it only takes 2 seconds to learn the new layout. In any case it's not going to change so complaining won't solve anything." To which I'd like to point out the following - 1) I stated it used the same software as the DI forums 2) I pointed out after Fatalysm commented that I too thought the skin was likely the main problem that was making it so difficult to me 3) I shared my opinion, didn't make any demands for changes to be made to forums I don't intend to get back to using regularly; so suggesting I should take "2 seconds to learn the new layout" and that I should stop complaining because I voiced my opinion is quite uncalled for.
  5. Micael Fatia

    Damage Incorporated: A New Era

    I am. For now at least, unless I get terribly bored or something happens irl draining all my time and motivation to play. Yes I am. I've been accepted as an applicant recently. Looking to have some fun, but got involved in beef already. Geez. Seems some moronic DK leader wants to crash me because I may have... 'slightly' embarrassed him in a dumb argument he started. And now he's in full obsession state. And Damage Inc just got into a crash war versus RoT. Or rather, RoT declared a dumb crash war over stupid reasons. All in all, a great first week. If you meet the requirements it'd be neat to have you! Though there's so much crashing shizzle in the clan world nowadays that I'm not sure you'd find it enjoyable. Yeah, and we all consider the clan world is pretty much dead now. Imagine this times 100 and you'd get an idea of what clanning was like some years ago.
  6. Uh, what lol. So you don't agree... by agreeing with exactly what I said? :P As I pointed out the Damage Inc forums are the exact same, and much easier to navigate/bear most likely because of the bright skin here. DI's is so much better it makes it appear both forums are using different software.
  7. Trust me, it's incredibly difficult to navigate. It must be the skin, because I'm having a hard time finding things and just adapting to it's overall look. The Damage Inc forums have the same software, and they're nowhere near as hard to navigate. I'm guessing the Sal's forums haven't been tinkered around with yet, or have been too much because there's definitely something... wrong.
  8. Micael Fatia

    What happened to the value of my rare(s)??

    The OSRS ones are extremely cheap because there's a bajillion of them around. You could literally PK with Santa hats and lose like 20K doing so.
  9. Micael Fatia

    Active Sals Members

    Been playing OSRS but don't really use the Sal's forums anymore. There just isn't enough activity here to justify having a regular presence. Mostly use RSC and DI forums nowadays.
  10. My gosh, I absolutely hate the new interface. It's so much harder to navigate and the super bright white forum skin is incredibly annoying.
  11. Micael Fatia

    PC Gaming Club

    If anyone decides to give Digimon Masters Online (it's on Steam now) let me know!
  12. Micael Fatia

    Back to the Freezer Quest Guide!

    Looks of great stuff, nice work!
  13. Micael Fatia

    Lumbridge Crater victory

    Looks pretty nice :)

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