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    Runescape, soccer, and FOOD!!!

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  1. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    Sorry its been an off week for the log i will update it later.
  2. Jodragonfire

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    Gratz on 90 prayer!!! Good luck on other goals
  3. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    the road to 99 rng has started
  4. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    thanks guys, yesterday was a good day for smith and mage I'm not that good with banners but with lunapic's help I was able to make somewhat of a banner lol >.<
  5. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    I did get 78 att and I will try to update the log tonight >.<
  6. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    I'm sure you can shake things up in plenty of ways. Maybe we can get a cool text to put as the text for the certain skill. Also, we need to find you a banner :D. You do have a point, When I add the range section in I will use completly different text. :P About the Underbanner I still need to find a place that will make one and I will take some screenshots for it. >.< Keep them coming! :D
  7. Jodragonfire


    Nice log and nice stats. Good luck with all your goals >.<
  8. Jodragonfire

    The Skilling And Slaying Times Of Holl.

    Nice log and nice skills. Slayer tends to be repetitive for me, iron dragons all the time one after the other >.<, now that I upgraded to the highest slayer master he upgraded me to steel drag, 2 tasks in a row, lol still didnt finish the second. I'm afraid what the third one going to be. Anaways Good luck with 99 slayer and all your goals. You have my support
  9. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    I might change a couple of stuff when I finish attack and start with range. Like I might add a range section, kind put a paragraph as to why I want range at 99, something like that. Got any ideas? Want me to change up the format? Want the Pictures taken in a different way? Tell me and I will see what I can do, after all with out you guys this log wouldnt be much of a log. >.<
  10. Jodragonfire

    Oh Leader Oh Leader

    a long time since i posted here so I kind of reworded the last part, just a slight change. Hope You Guys Like It. >.<
  11. Jodragonfire

    Chris' Log

    woooooottttt Gratz on your 99 slayer and good luck with all your fututre Goals >.<
  12. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    Thanks strom, wait until i finish rng >.< Thanks again and to all who supported.:D Woooooooottttttttt i can now lift 3 cant w8 till i can lift 4:)
  13. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    wooooot I finaly got my 80 str goal >.<
  14. Jodragonfire

    Family Crest Completed! Time For Checking

    really good guide i'm using it to do the quest just one thing: Go upstairs and speak to Johnathon. He seems to be poisoned. Give him the anti poison or super antipoison potion potion [IMG]http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/7010/superantipotax5.gif[/IMG and he will tell you where the last Crest part is. He will tell you a demon got the Crest part and that you will need to kill it.[/code] u need a ] on the [/img tag
  15. Jodragonfire

    Jodragonfire's Log

    wooot another great day to have off of school lvled up 13 times today/ 8 smithing 3 crafting 1 magic and 1 strength. lol excluding combat lvl >.<

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