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  1. Doctor Math

    I Completely Blanked Out.

    An absolute value is a metric which of course must satisfy non-negativity.
  2. Doctor Math

    99 Woodcutting

    Assuming you play 3 hours during the week and 6 on weekends and chop ivy, you'll get to 99 in about 4 weeks (assuming you get 100k xp/hr)
  3. Doctor Math

    Another Math Puzzle

    If f (x,y) = x^2-xy, then f(x,x-y) = x^2 - x(x-y) = x^2 -x^2 + xy = xy
  4. Doctor Math

    Trig Help ; Missing Side Lengths

    Or you can use the law of sines: A/Sin(a) = B/Sin(b) = C/SinĀ© (where D is the side length and d is the angle opposite of X). So we have, 20/sin(65) = y/sin(90) = x/sin(25) Finding y: y/sin(90) = 20/sin(65) => y = 20/sin(65) = 24.188 (since sin(90) = 1) Finding x: x/sin(25) = 20/sin(65) => x = 20*sin(25)/sin(65) = 9.314
  5. I'm offering 2m for your ess
  6. Doctor Math

    New Ge Limits?

    Soft clay is capped at 10k (from personal experience)
  7. Doctor Math

    Monkfish Or Cavefish

    Hmm, they're both around 30-35k xp/hr. I'm not sure which one is more.
  8. Doctor Math

    Slayer Tasks

    Just kill them in the Chaos Tunnels. Yes I know that you have to go to the wilderness, but I highly doubt you would even get attacked on the way to the entrance.
  9. Doctor Math

    Defender Vs Obby Shield?

    Well let's just say that I use my Dragon Defender more often than my Dragonfire Shield during slay tasks. /thread lol
  10. Doctor Math

    Defender Vs Obby Shield?

    Dragon Defender hands down.
  11. Doctor Math

    Physics Problem

    m = Mass = 0.86 kg r = Radius = 0.33 m The torques: 12N * .33m = 3.96 10N * .33m = 3.3 Since they are pulling in the opposite directions, the net torque is: 3.96 - 3.3 = .66 net torque The Moment of Inertia: MoI = .5 * m *r^2 = .5 * .86 * .33^2 = .047 Angular Acceleration = Torque / MoI = .66 / .047 = 14 rad/s^2
  12. Doctor Math

    Calculating Runescape Combat Level

    Could you be more specific?
  13. Doctor Math

    Calculating Runescape Combat Level

    It doesn't matter if the Ranged or Magic level is the same. Whichever is the highest amongst the 3 is your combat level: For f2p: For p2p:
  14. Doctor Math

    Close Pl0x

    I hate to be mean, but with you taking 15% of the profits, I'm pretty sure people would much rather just sell stuff on the GE.
  15. Doctor Math


    With your stats, do aviansies. You can easily gain 4.5m back in a couple of days.

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