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  1. krunkanthem

    Strength Training

    I have 73 strength, 70 attack/defence. I'm training strength at Ankous(lvl 75) right now and I'm using full Dharoks, with the axe. I am wondering if this is the fastest way to train my strength, or if i should switch it up. Should I keep doing what I'm doing? Or I was thinking of getting Torags, and just using a d scimi instead...Can I get your opinions on weapons, armor, and training spots? thanks
  2. krunkanthem

    Woodcutting Help

    Now, because I'm going for willows...Should I still get a dragon axe? Or is the rune good enough?
  3. krunkanthem

    Which Skill Should I Use?

    So I've been skilling for a long while, over the past few months. But I can't seem to find which skill to use for money making. I tried wcing, mining, basically them all. I need your opinion on which skill to stick with, that gets good money. Thanks
  4. krunkanthem

    Woodcutting Help

    k, thanks
  5. krunkanthem

    Woodcutting Help

    Just a quick question...I am at 81 woodcuttin, and I want 99. I know yews are the best option if im looking for money too, but i mainly wanna focus on the leveling. So my question is: Yews, maples, or willows? Which one will get me the fastest xp
  6. Even highscores and forums are down... Could be graphics update..I could see them shutting everything down for something that big.
  7. krunkanthem

    Armor Suggestions..

    Well I have a dilemma...I cant decide on an armor. I can afford anything under 2m right now. My friends are suggesting either Torags, or a mixed type. The mixed would be Dragon Legs, with granite pl8 and sheild. The problem is..I cant decide between the two. I know Torags is better stats wise, but the whole deal with having to repair it is a turnoff to me, as im not the richest of RS players.. Could anybody give me advice that would help me decide between these two? Or are there any better armor options? I heard rune legs arent much worse than dragon legs, and it saves money, but i dunno... thanks
  8. krunkanthem

    Banner Request

    Hey I was wondering if somebody could please help me out with a banner. I have a runescape clan called Gods Of War. The banner needs to blend with the rest of the site, and i would like at least one picture of a dragon in the background. Dimensions: 650 x 150 Website: http://z3.invisionfree.com/GoDs_0f_WaR/index.php? Thanks

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