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  1. No one even hires them in the first place. If they do, they're usually busted anyway. Maybe when you start having to pay taxes you'll think differently.
  2. Sentinel


    Oh yeah that totally disproves it. :lol: In the billions of galaxies in our universe, any of you think there is not a single possibility of foreign life? The TRILLIONS of stars and planets. Nothing, nothing at all, we're the only ones who could have possibly inhabited any one of those? I find the odds hard to argue with.
  3. Sentinel


    Absolute Monarchies only work if the leader is under logical terms with is people and acts under a safe and controlled order. And if it works so, it usually works out well. Unfortunately throughout history however, it usually hasn't panned out this way.
  4. The only reason it's so hard is because more illegals keep coming. They apply for green cards, making the wait what it is now. That's 10 YEARS.
  5. Why? There are large dcommunities that speak other language. Plus, English isn't even your official language, so bah, you don't have a legal reason there. Now... Really guys, place yourselves on their situation... Just getting an appointment for a visa interview is insanely expensive, many can't afford it... OF course, crossing the border is bad, I agree, there could be contraband over there... But really guys, you can't be that selfish to people who just want to work and get their family up... You should try and get out of your shell, most of you who are arguing against latinos getting into the US are highly likely not to know their situation, because you're mostly rich... You all have internet, most of them don't even own a TV.... Try not to be so selfish, the ironic thing is that many "Christians" argue against this... They shouldn't be here in the first place so that shouldn't be their problem. There is opportunity in Mexico, quite a hell of a lot more than in other countries. And even though the government over there is quite corrupt, you can still live. It's selfish of them to come over here oblivious to the effects they're having on our nation. And have you not seen the illegal immigrant protests in which they state that this country is theirs and one incident where they hung the Mexican flag over the American one and hung the American flag upside down? That's pitiful, and selfish to add. We don't give them rights becuase they don't deserve it in the first place. They had NO viable excuse for coming. If they want a better life for their family, hard luck. They're sharing the plight of millions of others. That's what they're born into and they should accept it. And what the hell do "Christians" have to do with this? The reason I said that is because you said that yiu really didn't give a <censored> why they came... They didn't come to all of it... Heard of Louisiane and the 13 colonies? Louisiane: FRENCH, colonies: BRITISH. Spanish only had california, wich became part of mexico wich the US took away because of a war, yeah... Nice... And you also took your land from the Indians, wich have tons of extinct tribes nowadays... Yep, but that was 200 or so years ago. Expecting remediation from back then is not only illogical but it is stupid. Plus, the official language here is ENGLISH. And it doesn't matter who founded this country. It speaks English.
  6. Sentinel

    Important Pirate Bay Debate!

    I had heard about this. But to the extent that they've brought it is ridiculous. I hate piraters, especially when they childishly avoid copyright laws to desperately get free music. Good way to put people out of careers.
  7. Too bad the 10 year wait and massive amount of money for the Mexicans that it costs to immigrate is out of the question. Though there is an average 1 year wait in Canada they can't afford to travel and afford a house there either.
  8. I grew up poor. Don't give me crap. I have gone days without eating because my mother and father could not afford to support my family. Luckily when I was 7, my Dad recieved a job and went to college. We were then able to fund my Mom and we're now quite well off. Let me be immature as you have and say "I really don't care if you fall down and break your arm tommorow then". Did I ever say the illegal immigrants don't? I realize that the ones already here form a small support for our economy (much less than you are saying). Illegal immigrants own little of the USA. Very little. They just form the minimum-low wage jobs that are available. Plus, most are not even hired because it is illegal to hire someone who is here illegally. I totally agree. But that's not the point of this topic.
  9. I do NOT think crossing the border should be legal. Meh, so do I Wait, how are they criminals? I, myself, am Mexican (but I'm legal, I was born in the US.) These 'immigrants' don't come to cause trouble as maybe about 80% come to get a better life. Why don't you go to Mexico and live over there for a month or so? Having to worry about having no food, no way to get money, and making NOT EVEN minimum wage. I doubt you'll even be able to feed yourself, or your family. I go to mexico every year with my parents, and let me tell you, their way of life is NOT easy. My grandparents are a bit fortunate, because the town we live in has little or no poverty, but others don't. I know what your thinking "just move to mexico city and get a job there." Why? to end up getting kidnapped, or robbed. Go rent a movie called 'Man on fire' and watch it... Mexico city is DANGEROUS, with all the polution, and everything... Also, why is it always the Mexicans who they blame? There's much more illegals other than Mexicans... Exactly as Natus Lumen said, they're breaking the law by entering. I don't care if their way of life is not easy. There are plenty of other countries that share sorrow much worse than poor Mexico's. I have been to Mexico for 2 weeks. I realize that it has a lot of slums and poorer areas. I realize that the people have struggles. But they need to live with that. The biggest problem is, they're inducing their own drug on us. Illegal immigrants raise taxes for legal citizens, typically towns with higher percentages of illegals have higher crimes rates causing our taxes to increase for we have to employ more law enforcement to stop trafficking and crime, plus we have the crime itself. They increase our health care rates because they don't have insurance and are not canidates to recieve it. They raise legal citizen's taxes because we have to pay more to support the amount of damage they're causing to the economy. The more it happens, the worse off our economy is and the more legal citizens are having to pay higher taxes. I realize Mexico City is full of crime. The kidnapping rate is ridiculous. But you make is sound like there is no opportunity in Mexico which is quite false. There's no excuse for Mexicans to jump the border. An excuse such as "I want a better life" isn't good enough.
  10. Sentinel

    Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Anarcho Etc

    Unfortunately power corrupts. They're only excellent forms of government under logical circumstances. And like you said, they're very easy to destroy. Unfortunately, as I mentioned power usually corrupts and that's why these forms of government have typically not been ideal. Not that capitalist or nominally "democratic" goverments are not also easily corrupted. Look around you. You society is fraught with corruption. Yes, not that I disagree with you. I am not for democratic and capitalist governments. America (unfortunately where I live) is probably one of the if not the best example. The people can run the society to the ground just as fast as a corrupt autocratic leader can. It's the thin barrier that keeps the leader(s), be it the people or one person, logical. In America's case it's, in my opinion, the media which has falsly formed the ideals of the people, evidently drastically effecting their decisions in voting and opinions on government. In autocratic governments, it's usually the leader becoming corrupt or illogical and unreasonable in his decision making.
  11. Sentinel

    College Athletes

    Uhh, despite my lack of knowledge in the sports field, I don't think so. They're at college to learn. They're (almost always, if not always) at college on a scholarship. They perform because that's what they're at college for, so no. I don't think so.
  12. Sentinel

    Spanking/ Hitting Children

    Yelling isn't a consequence. Yelling time after time won't penalize the child, they'll learn to challenge it.
  13. Sentinel

    How Many Hours/week Do You Play Runescape?

    0 hours a week. It's been a few months since I've logged on.
  14. Sentinel

    Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Anarcho Etc

    Unfortunately power corrupts. They're only excellent forms of government under logical circumstances. And like you said, they're very easy to destroy. Unfortunately, as I mentioned power usually corrupts and that's why these forms of government have typically not been ideal.
  15. Illegal immigration from Mexico is not OK. I do NOT think crossing the border should be legal. I feel that all citizens already in the states should be granted citizenship because kicking them out is highly illogical and a very unrealistic solution. Deportation does not work on even small scales due to the complexity of international affairs. Those who persist to enter should be stripped of rights, for they are criminals in their own right. I do not care what circumstance they entered under. Actually, it's not us. There was no established government in this Nation when the pilgrims entered. Perhaps you should read up on your history and learn how to spell the word pilgrim.

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