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  1. TezzaMonkey

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    987 642
  2. TezzaMonkey


    what the fudge are you supposed to do with the ferret? Floor 3 complexity 6
  3. TezzaMonkey

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    989 132
  4. TezzaMonkey

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    oink. -.-
  5. TezzaMonkey

    Post Full Of Fail!

  6. TezzaMonkey

    Oh, This Is How People Get Suicidal

    aww well sounds like your life is pree sh** cheer up though man, at least you aint living in poverty
  7. TezzaMonkey

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    Damnit hardrune i lost the game
  8. TezzaMonkey

    Yes, Its Bin A While

    And its very unlikely i'll stay for more than today, but im checking back in anyways. Been checking a few of the forums, Heb0s horse suggestion went dead ages ago and fakes have declined in quality since 3asl, what has this forum come to :P I'm ok at the moment. Still single :( but OK school year. I reckon high schools better than primary/elementary. So how's everyone else been going? SO HOT IN AUSTRALIA AT THE MOMENT. Hectic weather ftl
  9. Yeah 'tis a good fake. Simple and subtle, but good.
  10. Once an hour is a bit much. That would make it VERY easy to gain in the other skills. Attack - It's OK, but I don't like it so much.. Maybe when you operate, your special is automatically regenerated for a max of 5 times each day Construction and cooking - both good Crafting - As a f2per, I couldn't tell you whether or not this would be too useful, but if you would make a huge profit from 120 bowstrings a day then no. Defense.. iunno but maybe the same PVP restriction as Attack Farming, fishing and firemaking are all good Fletching, like many of the others is a bit unrealistic, but if you say so Herblore was a good idea. Full support there Hitpoints - Improvement: Once an hour max of 5 times a day. Fair, no? Hunter. Not 100% sure of what you mean, once again because of the f2p reason, but if how I read it is correct, at the moment it is possible to attract a different animal to what you want it to be. If it is, then I agree with your suggestion Magic - Yeah, fair enough, although 30 times an hour might be a bit much Mining - Yep, although make sure you can only use it before you start mining that rock. To do this you would make it so that operating the cape interrupts whatever you were doing. Prayer - Yep Range - Nope. If you aren't using a bow with a spec. then it isn't worth it.. I guess at 99 you should have a spec. bow but still. I can't think of a way to improve though ;) Runecrafting and slayer, agreed Smithing I'm undecided on. A runite bar is about 16.5k. 16.5*5=82.5 With this you could save 82.5k an hour, plus earn the equivalent of a rune platebody (Rune Platebody=5 bars) Summoning - I have no idea how fair/unfair this would be so I won't take a side here Strength - Same as my thoughts on Defense, but otherwise fine Thieving - Iunno, but I guess its only 125s an hour so OK Woodcutting - I don't know how fast you cut mages at 99, but if it's a decent speed you could make a madass profit from it
  11. TezzaMonkey

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    990 043
  12. TezzaMonkey

    The What If Game

    I'd be all like "lolwut, unfortunate for you" coz my internet is a crappy connection What if the guy that thought of this was the head of Sky?
  13. TezzaMonkey


    Thing is, I don't want it to be that each DJ will only limit their music to only one or two genres. If every DJ had at least a little bit of something from most genres, then that would be fine. For instance, I wouldn't want to listen to psychedelic rock for an hour straight, unless of course it's a theme day. Mix up the genres, no? You really think you can make radio 24/7 with the requests from sals? Little math: 24*7*5=840. That is (about) the number of songs you would need for a week if you play music half the time, and fill the other half with 'banter'. Seen as how much trouble an hour of SC takes to make and how many people actually like it, it's a bloody waste of time/money/effort. We don't need to run it solely onn requests. And where did the 5 come from? Are you saying 5 songs an hour? 2nd thing you might want to consider: Music is a pretty personal thing, you would cater to a small number of people not likely to have the same taste in music. That's where requests come in, as well as charts 3rd thing: Where the hell are you going to get the number of people needed to keep this running 24/7 for an extended period of time? Not likely from the active forum members here. There are plenty of volunteers That could work... From past experience, I know that people NEED to be dedicated for it to work. One person slacking off and it could be the end of a whole timezone listening to it. It doesn't work well on smaller forums, but Sal's might have what it takes. As far as it being unofficial, I'll support that, so long as we have some means of getting there via the site or forums. Unless I made it a habit, I would be unlikely to frequently listen. I'm like that, but if I had a way of reminding myself to go there (Such as a link on the Forum Index) then it'd be easier to make a habit of it.
  14. TezzaMonkey


    Hey, just wondering if mossies would be a good choice for me. My stats: Combat-67 Attack-54 Strength-55 Defence-54 Hitpoints-54 Prayer-40/38 (Prayed at Monastery. It's level 38, meaning I only have the Protect from Magic out of the "Protect" Spells, but I have 40 prayer points, allowing me to use spells such as Steel Skin for 2 points longer) Range doesn't matter, I'm meleeing Magic is 37, but I don't have tele runes. Might get em from drops but didn't bring them. I'm using full rune with a rune scimitar. Is there a better choice for me or are mossies my best bet?
  15. TezzaMonkey

    Good Money Making For Pures?

    You could do that, so long as the monsters your friend is attacking aren't aggressive or you're going to end up dying I'm assuming you have little or no money on this new account?

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