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  1. Congrats to Dei for winning last weeks competition..... Sign me up for this one br0s@!@!@
  2. Since I've been asked to weight in, i'll give you some advice. Obtain the following-Arma/pernix, chaotic cbows -Subj robes/virtus, chaotic staff or virtus wand/book -Bandos/torva and drygores or dual chaotic rapiers -Vip slayer tickets (I used about 150 getting to 104m from 23m) -1k+ holy overloads *Having t80 helps alot more than t70, and t90 melee is a very good investment Block/Prefer listBlock-Desert wyrms-Grotworms-Nechs-Jadinkos-gargoyles-kalphites-Additional task if you have enough quest points Prefer-ganos-muspah-airuts-aviansies-cele dragons-elves -It is not worth extending tasks, skip any tasks that are slow or have very high numbers (ie 115 iron dragons) -Slay kril/dks if you have boss task as them and/or need gp. Always try to have kree/kril or dks boss task to get bonus xp+reaper points. -Have magic/range/slayer quick gear setups ready, with melee/magic as 1 and 2 since you will use them most. -Use ultimate abilities, they are worth it but watch hp using berserk. -Use bonecrusher whereever possible unless gp is an issue, spring clean all items mithril+ Feel free to ask any questions to me in game
  3. The same as he always does, unshowered, hungry and alone. Jk. Great gainz everybody! Sobend that is impressive leveling on your part i think you did more levels this weekend than you had done all year previous. Lol. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  4. yeah go army, count me in if slayer goes ahead lol
  5. Congradulations at not dying at Nex :P more drops please
  6. I don't mind writting the actual guides, i just really cba to run around taking pics, such xp waste
  7. IF somebody wants to get pictures, ill gladly write guides out for anything, whos with me No quests please
  8. I love you benno!!! This log will now be for 200m skills!!!!
  9. Bring back Sals Highscores asap!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Salmoneus


      Workin' on it! ;-)

    3. -Leaf-


      Sal can you plz add a minimum postcount requirement for the hiscores. It would be kind of stupid if a maxed player signs up for an account just to show off and never posts.

    4. O hai im KAMIL

      O hai im KAMIL

      I doubt anyone would do that. ^

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