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  1. Is your image flat? (Layer Wise) If not, flatten the image and try and save it again.
  2. I am Tyler

    A Windows 7 Style Paint.

    Windows 7 paint is rather over-rated and not very convenient to use, in my opinion. The closest thing I can think of would be Paint.NET. It's like Microsoft Paint, but way more features and more convenient. It's also a free download. I hope this helps
  3. I am Tyler

    Group Faking Kit Beta

    Group Faking Kit 3.0 Beta Considering I don't play Runescape much anymore, You guys could help point out things i'm missing, things that should be added.. Oh.. and, good to be back.
  4. I am Tyler


    I Love it... but i lost The Game D:
  5. I am Tyler

    Quality Of My Work

    Adobe Photoshop
  6. I am Tyler

    Quality Of My Work

    Thank You The apple was more of to test my capability of drawing 3d looking object using shading. I'm guessing i need more practice
  7. I am Tyler

    Quality Of My Work

    I've drawn things in Photoshop for a while.. I showed some of my recent work to a couple of friends, they recommended i think about Graphic Design as a career option. I have absolutely no self esteem what so ever.. So I've decided to post it here and see what the members of Salmoneus think of my work. I need an honest opinion. and another one
  8. I am Tyler

    North Korea Sues United States

    All this does, is give us another reason to laugh at Kim..
  9. I am Tyler


    Honestly.. the best place to start, would be Game Maker. Yes, it's simple. But you can use coding, so you can get the hang of the common programming syntax. This should quench your thirst for making a game as well, once you've had enough of Game Maker, you can graduate to a proper programming language, such as Java. You may not think so, but using Game Maker first actually helps you learn Java and other programming languages. Download: www.yoyogames.com/make
  10. It's only the fourth largest technological company in the world. I'm guessing it's up there along with Cisco?
  11. I am Tyler

    Romoving Something From My Computer

    It's up to you, i do rebuilds of my computers weekly, just changing drives and cards around usually, so i wouldn't hesitate to take it out. It wont be sucking up too much power, considering you have nothing attached to it. It isn't doing any harm, but if you want it out, just remove it, it's not important unless your planning to use your PC to watch TV.
  12. I am Tyler

    Romoving Something From My Computer

    Your card seems to be a Television card. With the appropriate drivers (and sometimes applications) installed, it allows you to attach an Antenna and watch TV programs on your Computer. If it is a TV card, the Blue should be Audio, Yellow should be Video, and then a SVHS input port and the last one an Antenna input port. Hope this helped.
  13. I am Tyler

    Ahh! Help Me!

    Flash (.swf) web applications cannot contain a virus or do any damage to your computer, because there are no libraries that allow you to tamper with file or anything important on your computer. Java has this capability. If you had a half decent security suite installed on your computer, you should have too much of a problem. With that aside, why would a multi-million dollar company such as Jagex put harmful software out to their users? They have no reason to, people would stop playing, they'd loose millions. It is most likely not even related to Runescape. You must do SOME general browsing? Also, be aware that you could have perhaps had a Trojan, which has been working in background processes over some time and you are only now seeing the effects. Obtain a Computer Security suite, such as Kaspersky, AVG or Windows Live OneCare. Make sure your Operating System is updated.
  14. I am Tyler

    Chatbox Generator

    I believe that the spacing issue is due to the global font settings on your computer. The typo, shall he fixed in the next update Thanks for pointing that out.
  15. I am Tyler

    Chatbox Generator

    No, but I can look into adding that as a feature

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