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    I enjoy Runescape, Golf, Books, Baseball, Football (american), and Nascar.

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    Attack -Lvl 96
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    Sal's Realm
  1. Saved screenshots of the last two weeks, just got around to uploading. Aug 13: http://imgur.com/a/DV4vP Aug 22: http://imgur.com/a/4YG5w Previous Total: 8100 New Total: 12,800
  2. redsox1804

    Finally got Max F2P Comb at

    Yeah, just got 92 pray today. Now just to finish the quests!
  3. Capped: http://i.imgur.com/3qZsaXu.jpg This week: 2700 Total: 2700 Edit: 6/6/2016 Capped again: http://i.imgur.com/8cGUbSh.jpg This Week: 2700 Total: 5400 Edit: 6/9/2016 Capped again: http://i.imgur.com/p4VzWw8.jpg This Week: 2700 Total: 8100
  4. redsox1804

    RS3 Dumbledores Army

    Just got back into RS, and am looking for a clan. I'll go about adding now. Cheers!
  5. redsox1804

    Runescape Servers Down?

    still not up for me :D
  6. redsox1804

    Redsox1804's Log

    I've just started playing again, this time for real. Just got 3 months of P2P. Gonna go to Avies and make some monies.
  7. redsox1804

    Behind the Scenes – June

    nice to see this back. I always enjoyed reading the BTS to see if that month would be one to look forward to. This month looks ok, nothing too exciting to be honest. but, i guess we will see.
  8. how do you take a screenshot on a PC? I haven't used one in a while (MAC for life).
  9. redsox1804

    Redsox1804's Log

    So, with only two weeks left in this school year, I have just renewed my Runescape membership. I will try to keep updated with this log. Sorry for the double post.
  10. redsox1804

    My Return To Runescape

    So, I haven't played in about 3 months (and b4 that, sparingly) and I know a lot has happened since I played last. Once summer starts, I will have a 3 month membership (hopefully as i have no room in f2p to deposit stuff). Is there anything i should do first?
  11. redsox1804

    Snow Leopard + Java

    I found this on the RSOF: Quick Find Code: 25-26-641-59507314 Hope it works for everyone!
  12. redsox1804

    Snow Leopard + Java

    I am having the same problem. I just updated to Snow Leopard yesterday and haven't been able to play RS in HD on safari since. I opened firefox and tried it there and it worked fine.
  13. redsox1804

    Stealing Creation Pickaxe.

    Thank you very much

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