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  1. Make Max GP

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  2. Make Max GP

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  3. Make Max GP

    Does anyone still play?

    I mainly play RS3 since I'm going for 200M in All Skills on my Main, going for another 1B Cooking & Prayer Exp in F2P. I want to get 200M Firemaking, Fletching & Cooking on OSRS & get All 99s.
  4. Make Max GP

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  5. Make Max GP

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    Well that's Cool that they are increasing the Max Gp in the Money pouch & on the GE Offers! I won't be going for it unless I get some HUGE Donations.. Haven't been on much this month since I've been on my F2P 10 Hp account doing the Beach event for Strength & Ranging! Have 600k Grapes right now
  6. Make Max GP

    200M Construction 6-13-2022

    Thanks! Well I didn't make much stuff since I mainly used Protean planks. Thanks! How much til 200M?
  7. He has had it for a while now ^ Takes the Party Hat [still waiting on my New Signature]
  8. Make Max GP

    200M Construction 6-13-2022

    Glad to Finally get it! I could have gotten it on the last day of BXP but I wanted to wait for some other friends to be online to come. I've really enjoyed training this skill! When it came out I got Level 99 pretty Quick & I helped a lot of people open their Effigys so I got a lot of Exp from that.
  9. Make Max GP

    The last person to post here wins

    Alright well don't remember when the last time I posted here was been pretty busy at work. Last week on Thursday I was by myself from 7 am til 12:30 and on Friday I was by myself from 7 am to 11. Looks like it will be like that again this week. I'll have to ask Andrew tomorrow if he could ask to come in earlier.
  10. Make Max GP

    Level 120 Farming

    Thanks! Thanks! Level 120 is 104M Exp & Invention is 84M I think Thanks & yeah it's been nice seeing you in Lee's chat Thanks!
  11. Make Max GP

    The last person to post here wins

    Remember to post on the Countdown from 1,000,000 Yesterday: I got there at 6 Am and someone was supposed to be there at 7 Am but he said that his chest was hurting [High blood pressure] When it was 7 Am someone said trhat they were getting an Ambulance for him :( I was by myself doing both sides til 12:20. They sent out 2 girls to cover my lunch break & had a guy on the other side. Someone came in at 2 Pm & I just stayed on the Grocery side. I got Off at 3 Pm. Today: My brother came over around 9 Am and we were cutting up the oak tree that they cut down a while ago. We hauled the logs to the backyard next to the log splitter. We loaded up the front porch with some firewood since it will be raining for the next few days & then there will be a cold front coming after that. Does anyone play Melvor Idle? [RS Idle game]
  12. Make Max GP

    Level 120 Farming

    Ah yeah! I really like the Player Owned Farm and doing Daily Challenges for Exp. I will probably keep on doing 3 Daily Challenges til 200M or use some BXP since I have like 222k beans to use on Potions. :)
  13. Make Max GP

    The last person to post here wins

    About to get the Premier Club [for the 1st time] & going for the Gold Partyhat
  14. Make Max GP

    The last person to post here wins

    PB & J for life! We got 2 New Cart Attendants that started 3 weeks ago. They are doing pretty Good so far. We still don't have enough Shopping Carts :( I sent Corporate a message asking them to come fix the broken shopping carts soon. It would be nice if they could come once a month to fix them. One of my co-workers wasn't feeling good on Saturday since he had high blood pressure & he had to go home. I was by myself from 7 am til 9:30 am. Yesterday he was there but we were walking to the Service desk & he said that he was about to pass out. He had to stop walking for a minute. We got to the service desk & we told the manger what was going on. She asked me to go get a chair for him & I got back they already had one for him. I got to sit next to him for 40 mins until his dad came to pick him up. Good thing there was another cart attendant there at 7 am so I wasn't by myself. I've been sneezing & had a runny nose the last 2 days but I'm feeling better now after taking some medicine. Walmart called me a couple of times this morning but I didn't answer. I might get the RS Premier Membership deal :)

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