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    not in one i dont like em
  1. Theo

    USA Government Shutdown

    KK It is opened again. Close pls?
  2. Theo

    What Are Your Fears?

    Feedback Loops, Metalheads, and needles.
  3. Theo

    Favorite Songs At The Moment

    Dave Brubeck's "take 5" and the Take 5/15 step mashup
  4. Theo

    Concerning Hell

    I don't want to really get involved in this debate cause I suck so bad at them, but i just wanna say a couple things real fast. First of all Lee Strobels books are great, he's a very good writer... well about theological stuff. Personally I'm not entirely sure about what exactly hell will be, if it'll be all Fiery With Wailing and Nashing of Teeth and what not. Personally i believe that hell will probably just be nothingness, you alone with you're thoughts, and according to scripture just the fact that you are separated from God for eternity, knowing he exists and knowing you missed you're chance will be hell enough, the fire won't be needed. Thats just my opinion though, i know that some Christians would rip into that and call me a heretic
  5. Well judging by his last post, probably run fast, or kick hard... not sure yet though.
  6. Theo

    Log Of Emoberk - 2482 - 99+ Skillz

    Grats on 92 farming and 82 crafting man Oh and thanks for coming unto chat earlier :/ i'm such a loner
  7. Theo

    I Need Soothing Songs

    Anything by "Dj Shadow"... well i find it soothing but je suis Etrange.
  8. If you look anything like your DP... probably cry.
  9. Congratilations, on 126 combat! Thats a great milestone
  10. Theo


    for me 10/10 i love my name, i've used from age 3 until now i intend to name my first child "Theo Vale"
  11. Theo

    Worst Disease Contracted

    I have Walking Pnemonia at this moment, but realy that's it... well I once had a tooth shaped like a bullet grow out of the roof of my mouth but i don't think that counts. >>
  12. Theo

    Usa V Canada

    We have Rush, BTO, Arcade fire, japandroids, and Shanai Twain!

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