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  1. zvi

    Canting Citadel Vote

    since a, you have no room in your inbox,and b, i bca to post somewhere else... i am moving house in like 1 wekk snad i cant play untill then... so here is a fun song to hear hope you enjoy :P oh and was fun @ the g.e. with you and merch the other day XD
  2. zvi

    Barbarian Outpost Guide

    wow good job! make a new dks guide like the old one and get it up already :D
  3. zvi

    Revised List

    is you logging in soon? :o
  4. ok... my f2p tank i am wondering if he should become a rune pure? coz i know that in f2p it will be yousfel but is it worth it? stats atm def:40 hp:45 ranged:51 mage:37 pry:17 (str and att do not effect cb yet and thay are as follows str:34 att:25) so plz tell me what you guys think any tips and thatnk you =)
  5. zvi


  6. zvi

    Bank's Meh,and 48 Brewlings...

    Just thought why not post here when i was cheking out hm it is. :lol: -.- 48 =]
  7. zvi

    Bank's Meh,and 48 Brewlings...

    hai hai =) sup mr.i was corping well :P and josh yes i did :P
  8. Just thought why not post here when i was cheking out hm it is. 48 =]
  9. zvi


    i do and BTW,<---------------------i want to be firsttttttt
  10. LaSt pIc Is foR 138 CombAt
  11. zvi

    Making A Case For Karil's Barrows Set

    merch,off the topic ive bein stalking you on MGA,and i need tips :o you have amazing achivments der irl =]
  12. zvi

    No More Combat Levels :(

    i was wanting more cb levels with 99 ranged and sumn :P
  13. zvi

    99 Prayer And 138 Cb =]

    is getting 99 prayer in like 2 days :s got all the bones,left with 70mcashpile and an ags,fury,zerker ect -.-
  14. since i get board on school nights when i cant play music or go on a hike with my friends,"guess who's back,back again" :( p.s.gratz josh on 100 iwanttokillthenextcoolfrostdragonsbefoureveryone :(
  15. *faacebookwannabeLIKE* nice you should spend more money on junk,for the fun of it =)
  16. zvi

    Elite Diaries

  17. zvi

    Rate Me

    max i am disappointed why the pringle dont you have a quest cape or ardy cape and get 99 slayer nub as if its hard for you 1 day with a fire titan and boom 99 slayer nice 10/9 =)
  18. zvi

    Weirdest House Party In History

    i might do that 2 =]
  19. zvi

    Log Of A Lvl 138 Fool Who Bosses

    hey fatty, add a corp section we gonna rip him =) ls only btw and im -100k ls atm so shhh oh and stfu i mean
  20. zvi

    Bye Bye Ags

    is it just me or is every 1 h8ing? i will join!!!! doom you suckkkkk i mean really who would spend cash on a ags like ayear ago when cls's were coming out?! :)
  21. zvi

    Oh Partyroom.

    i want the div and 3rd age <3 i might get it in like 1-2 yeasr tbh,atm getting a div =]

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