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  1. im 44 rc now. *name changed to ruined fate*
  2. Incan


    i think the old nite was in his early forties untill he died =(
  3. Incan

    Who Will The Next Poster Be?

    The next poster will be.................................................The person who posts below me
  4. Blindfold, drag you across a patch of poison ivy, put you in a dunktank, miss the dunk tank and hit you, and grab the phat
  5. 7.5 its detailed and cool but im just not feeling it but its pretty good =P
  6. Incan

    For Mods.

    bah. 3 months with this name -_- was supposed to be a christmas theme
  7. Incan

    For Mods.

    I didn't realize changing display name meant changing like your whole...whats the word for it...posting name... What i had thought it mean is change the little rank name like penguin, ent, monkey and so forth. If there is anyway to change this back to cappy all is appreciated.
  8. Incan

    Team Capes?

    Team capes are very decent, good looking capes. They give the same stats as most normal capes. They are mainly used in wildy, clan wars.
  9. Incan

    Sharks Question.

    im not sure when you catch sharks at decent rate but i know for sure just keep training on monkfish that soon will not get you sharks very fast at all
  10. Incan

    Initiate? Prosylete?

    proselyte is the better one but more expensive
  11. Incan

    What To Merchant In Ftp...

    3 words...merchanting is dead
  12. Incan

    Monkey Madness!

    I did all he says is how goes the mission, and i say its going well or something then conversation stopsnevermind, i found out htat i had completed this part of the quest sorry for inconvience

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