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  1. Icy Defiance

    U.s. Ice Owns A.l.l. .com/.net Domains

    Technically speaking, they own the content and the websites. It's their stuff. :( I don't see anything wrong with this. If you're going to pirate another country's products, then don't complain when said country comes back to you to get the money you should have paid. It's really that simple. How do they own the content and the websites if its not located in the US? The content being offered for piracy is American. Thus they are breaking American laws, and hurting American artists and developers. America should not own the sites themselves, but I'd say they should have the right to charge and try the owners.
  2. Icy Defiance

    I Like Bots

    Using that reasoning, murder should be either ignored or rewarded. Don't tell me it's not related 'cuz it hurts others, that fact is unrelated in this case. I think you put the words in your own mouth. :( There shouldn't be, that's why it's called "playing". It's a game. Though I would like to see more of the grinding die...
  3. Icy Defiance

    Abyssal Whip Rumors

    Hand cannon = 197 gp/shot. (Can they be picked up after shot? If so, this is lower.) Chaotic Maul = 200 gp/swing. Ice Barrage = 1818 gp/cast. Or more realistically for most players: Whip = one-time payment, free after that. Broad bolts = 98 gp/shot (Closer to 10 with an accumulator or picking up the bolts.) Magic = No one uses magic normally...seriously, no one. It's insanely expensive.
  4. Icy Defiance

    U.s. Ice Owns A.l.l. .com/.net Domains

    EDIT: Wow...I misread, even though I reread it about 8 times... :( Disregard this.
  5. Icy Defiance

    Mighty Banshee's = Better Than Yaks?

    Yaks are hardly afk'able...too many bots, too little HP. And when ranging, it's the focus sight that gives extra damage, not the black mask. But yeah, without that the xp would probably be similar or lower.
  6. Icy Defiance

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    I think they're trying to make Burthrope a better town with the updates like this and Troll Invasion. Trying to get the most out of in game space that isn't been used too much. Yes, that makes sense. Perhaps they could put some rewards in the games room? That's not unused space, it's used space that doesn't get used...or something... :(
  7. Icy Defiance

    Forum Questions

    The newest version of IP.Board is the best forum software in the world, regardless of category, no exceptions. I seriously haven't seen anything else that comes close. MyBB is the best free forum software...believe me, I've probably tried most of 'em. If you don't have a host, and you want something free...there's nothing real great out there. Personally, I like ZetaBoards best, but it's bad enough that I wouldn't use it for any business unless the customers will never see it. Forumer isn't the worst host out there, but it's pretty bad. I've used it for a while both as an admin and a normal member, and it's annoying either way.
  8. Icy Defiance

    What Would You Do To Stop Bots!

    Cause there are more active bots than players? Cause they get to dictate the economy? Cause they make some tasks almost impossible to do? 1. Whoop-de-fudging-do. 2. If it gives JaGex a paycheck, I wouldn't complain. 3. Right... Because getting 99 in a skill or killing certain monsters (minus bosses) is really impossible to do. 2. What does Jagex's paycheck have to do with complaining? 3. Right... Because those are the only things to do in RuneScape. Doesn't that mean you don't believe that? :(
  9. Icy Defiance

    What Would You Do To Stop Bots!

    I do hope you're joking, there...I'd really like to believe you're not that stupid... Won't work the slightest bit. A bot could easily detect that it is losing lifepoints, and would run away.... The evil chicken wasn't the only random removed. What about ents? If you don't remember, those would break your hatchet in 2 and throw the headpiece in a random location. There are plenty of randoms that could throw off botters. It's not just detecting the loss of lifepoints. Bots can "see" the ID of each and every item and NPC, and (if they're not glitchy or coded by a moron) react to them more efficiently than any human. Yes, because banning hundreds of thousands of them doesn't take any effort at all... :D It's not that Jagex is doing nothing, they're just doing the wrong things.
  10. Icy Defiance

    Lulzsec - 50 Days - Lulzboat Has Set Sail.

    Whether they were any good at hacking or not, they were a loose cannon who claimed to be wanting 'lulz' or 'reform', but was really just hurting anything and everyone based on whatever random whims they might have. I got lucky to not to be really affected by them, I haven't even had to change my passwords on anything...but I know people who were much more annoyed, even majorly pissed off. Was interesting to watch, but only because they were some of the more famous...well, jerks, to keep the profanity down...of the last few years. At least in the techie circles, that is. Good riddance, now excuse me while I do some research on more skilled and lesser known hacking groups...just 'cuz this has piked my curiosity.
  11. Icy Defiance

    What Would You Do To Stop Bots!

    This could be done without an update as Jagex has previously displayed (bug fixes without RuneScape updating) - so yes, this would be ideal. As far as I see, this is the ONLY reasonable way other than removing free trade.
  12. Icy Defiance

    Out Of Retirement

    Have you actually done this? :( You only need 750k in the coffers if you check it every day (+75k for each day you don't check it), right now the best combo is maples at full and flax at half, and you'll be making under 150k (-75k to refill the coffers) each day, plus seeds (which commonly add 10-30k, once in a while 100k, and if you're really, really lucky, 300k). If you're real lucky, herbs at full might earn you more than this once in a while, but as far as I've seen, you're much more dependent on luck that way. Sorry to link another site, but Sal's doesn't have this I don't think...you can find a live calculator for Managing Miscellania here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculators/Miscellania
  13. Icy Defiance

    Members Loyalty Sneak Peek

    For the cosmetic stuff, I don't think anyone has an issue with it. I think it's actually a great idea, like holiday events, but earned passively instead of actively. But the auras don't seem to be just cosmetic, which means those who are a member for longer will have an advantage over new members. It will be impossible for people who come to the game later to catch up, no matter how much they play, and any mechanic that does that is irritating.
  14. Icy Defiance

    Members Loyalty Sneak Peek

    YES! I WILL GET IT! >:( I figured it'd be more like the picture shown in the BTS, where the entire weapon is noticeably coated. It's not as noticeable as I expected, but I still like it. I was gonna say something about the poisonous looking cannonballs, but you did it better and made me laugh quite hard. Good job. :D Aaaaaaand...I guess that's all I have to say in this topic for now...
  15. Icy Defiance

    Whips Now Under 1m

    Yes, that and anti-bot bots! :D I like it. (I'm serious too, if my programming expertise was in that area, I'd have made a few already. :P )

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