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  1. DaNoobPro1337

    A Computer For My Friend

    Alienware ftw?
  2. DaNoobPro1337


    Lol, everyone loves inkblots -.-. The issues I've been getting recently are kind of weird... Pepsi Spaceship... WTF?
  3. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    Or they could have jobs within the prison, like cooking, cleaning, etc. There's no need to pay them, as we're already providing them with food, shelter, and clothing.
  4. DaNoobPro1337


    The only things that should be censored are violations of another person/entity's rights. Child porn, paparazzi, and the like would fall in this category.
  5. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    Proof please? Low pay, long hours, annoying criminals, midnight shifts...
  6. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    Maybe, by 5% -.-
  7. DaNoobPro1337

    Mac Osx On Pc Hardware

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but iLife costs $79. Plus, it isn't compatible with 10.4. Just wait a year or two until you have enough money for a Mac Mini. Trust me, you'll be way happier. Hackintoshing is a bag of hurt in the long run.
  8. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    Being a cop is close to the last thing that people want to do. The only reason we have cops is because we pay them.
  9. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    Fine... Time for a statistics analysis. My school is next to a large university. 60-90% of kids have both parents working there. Guess how many people passed the state proficiency test? 99%. So, what was that about most delinquents belonging to a broken household (and why the **** do you consider a home where both parents are working broken)?
  10. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    It's kind of surprising, but we have police who are actually half-effective. Remove the police force and military, and I guarantee that widespread looting/killing will occur within the next 24 hours. Fear of Consequence, whether the fear is based in the justice system, fear of God, fear of how others would see them and possibly they are striving to attain this ideal figure of generosity, kindness ect. A Linguistic fallacy, nothing more. I'm not telling you anything, however if neither the mother or the father are around to give the child guidance, then that increases probability that he child will be a delinquent, however it could be worst, if the parents are at odds with each other that would be worst, if they divorced that would be even worst, there are many, many other factors however that also effect probability. Its just a matter of probability. The point is, that the primary factors that cause delinquency cannot be fixed by the government and some education. The current topic is whether or not the government can solve crime with some education and social services. The answer is no, it can't. By your logic, I am a delinquent who is going to go into the city, join a gang, and be all gangsta. Yeah, baby! Uhh... No.
  11. DaNoobPro1337

    Iphone 3gs-finnaly Decided I Want It

    Just a note: If you live in the US, the minimum you can pay before losing your subsidy is $69.
  12. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    Yes, said criminal was caught escaping AND murdering more people 3 times.
  13. DaNoobPro1337

    Prison Time As A Sanction

    Meh, for small to medium property crimes, I'd rather have an truckload of fines levied on the offending *insert derogatory term here* than for him/her to sit in a nice, cozy high-security apartment complex with its own gym and rec center.
  14. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    I do not disagree with any of the above BUT, with respect to the application of the death penalty, what do you do when you cannot be 100% sure that you're applying the penalty to the responsible party? I'm pretty sure that being caught 3 times is 100% chance of guilt, no?
  15. DaNoobPro1337

    Capital Punishment

    It's good to be back -.- @Hebo: I know a way to have cheaper "protection" against criminals: reduce all the fudgeing amenities. Seriously, I remember a news post where the govt bought 360s for their entertainment centers. Most regular, hardworking, civilians don't have 360s, so why should a petty criminal be able to play Halo 3? As for the actual topic: I think that life in prison is actually worse than death, so I'm all for a serial murderer being locked up in the same 8x8 cell for the rest of his life. However, there are some cases where death must be used (say, a person who escaped 3 times and killed some more people).

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