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  1. Andyana

    the kit that isn't a kit

    I made my character with it thank you!
  2. ;_;

    1. Sobend
    2. Andyana


      Hey! Nice to see theres still some familiar faces around. I was doing an internet purge for work and thought I'd see how this place was doing and then was flooded with memories

  3. Andyana

    Random Fun Memories

    The forum puzzle hunts man. Those things where intensely fun
  4. Andyana


    Pretty good. Working at home this week and I realised my old computer has my log in details here memories so I thought I'd come say hi in an elaborate way
  5. Hello sal people. Here's something to spice up your Runescape Nostalgia. (I didn't make this but when I find the time me and a few buds are gonna make a night of it) RUNESCAPE 2007 NOSTALGIA DRINKING Basic rules No trading with players outside of each other. Grand exchange is allowed. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/ is the only allowed external source. No membership. Server will be agreed on the night. Participation is not required but you have to drink. Using the miniclip browser saves you from 4 drinks. “Finish your drink” requires you to have a can at least 1⁄3 full. Either down a fresh drink or take a shot if your drink is less than 1⁄3. Majors Majors are events that cause players to drink a lot! The first person to finish Tutorial Island doesn’t take a big drink. The first person that enters Varrock sewer takes a big drink. Take a big drink every time you teleport. Take a big drink every time you die. Wearing full Black Armour is pretty bad ass. Finish your drink. Being the first person to enter a guild forces everyone else to finish their drink. Completing the Prince Ali Rescue quest requires you to finish your drink. Completing the Shield of Arrav quest first forces everyone else to finish their drink. Completing the Knight’s Sword quest first forces everyone else to finish their drink. Completing the Demon Slayer quest first forces everyone else to finish their drink. Completing the Vampire Slayer quest first forces everyone else to finish their drink. Completing the Dragon Slayer quest first forces everyone else to drink three shots. If you are the last person to complete a quest not mentioned above you have to finish your drink. If someone notices you’ve missed a minor drink, take a big drink. For every Level you beat in the Stronghold of Security, take a big drink. If you spill a drink on someone else’s equipment you have to down five drinks and are banned from playing, but not drinking. You must continue to drink. Minors Minors are events that cause players to drink a little! Visited by a random event. You drink. Paying the toll to Al Kahrid (Void after “Prince Ali Rescue”). You drink. Every time you pick a banana. You drink. Every three levels you gain a level after level 10 in a skill. You drink Every time you use a bank. You drink. If you ask whether a feature is f2p. You drink. If someone offers to trim armour or ask for a gf. You drink. Trading with each other. You both drink. Drink a minor when you reach 5,000g, two minors on 10,000g and an extra minor for every additional 10,000g. The gf rule The gf rule is less of a rule and more of a personal mission in Runescape. A player trying to attempt to the gf rule must make their character a girl and act in the overworld as if they were a girl. The goal of the gf rule is to become another player’s gf. Upon becoming another player’s gf all other players must down their drinks. Someone who succeeds in completing the gf rule may subvert the “no outside trades” rule in order to benefit from all the free shizzle they get from their new bf. FOR EVERY 1000G YOU SWINDLE FROM YOUR BF, EVERYONE ELSE MUST DRINK PK rules Dueling is apparently in f2p now. If you challenge someone to a duel and win, they take three minor drinks. If you challenge someone to a duel and lose, you take one major drink. If someone challenges you and you decline, you take one minor drink. If someone declines they cannot be challenged by you for another 30 minutes. Challenging someone voids your 30 minute free period. Challenges can be issued face to face and not in game. If you kill an enemy player, you take a minor drink. You don’t take a drink if that player was also an event player. Equipment rules (All rules imply equipping a slot for the first time) Equipping Bronze equipment. Take a minor drink. Equipping Iron equipment. Take a minor drink. Equipping Steel equipment. Everyone else takes a major drink. Equipping Mithril equipment. Take a major drink. Equipping Adamant equipment. Finish your drink. Equipping Rune equipment. Everyone else finishes their drinks. Award Ceremony At the end of the drinking game everyone’s progress will be compared and awards will be distributed. The awards will be in the form of more drinking. Highest Combat level You’re the best around! Everyone else must finish their drinks. Highest total level Everyone else must take a minor drink for every level lower they are than you. Richest player The richest player has incurred a lot of minor drinks to get this far but their dedication to their cause has earned them 1 shot for every 50K they have at the end.. They can force these shots onto other player’s of their choosing or choose the drink them themselves. Most quest points Everyone else must take a shot. In the result of any of these being a tie, all tieing players must take a shot. So yeah, how is everyone doing anyway?
  6. Andyana

    Microsoft unveils Xbox One

    This right here.
  7. Andyana

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    Personally everything after the Keshan's awakening arc is terrible. Though apparently its at that point the show diverts from the manga so that explains a lot. Hells yes I started watching this the other day. Gawd dam it's brutel. I'm tempted to read the manga but I don't want spoilers. Also you guys have been keeping up with the Shippuden Manga right?
  8. Andyana

    Woolwich Terror Attack

    Hopefully police will be able to establish whether or not the two suspects are connected to any terrorist cells. Meanwhile Facebook and twitter has turned into a war zone between the racists and the anti-racists. Human beings, we judge others and then judge those who judge others. It's all petty when you realise that all this comes down to a man being murdered with a machete.
  9. Andyana

    Microsoft unveils Xbox One

    At least I don't fault them for it. I'm just tired of hearing said things because I should already expect that from them. What gamers are moaning about is that there should be a significant difference in games in the new generation than in the old. graphics should be updates, games should run more smoother, ect. So far, Xbox One has yet to prove it, but I hope they will at E3 in a couple of weeks. The problem is with the tv and sports stuff is that they're trying to compete with more than just Sony and Nintendo here, they're paranoid as hell about Apple in their computing and tablet department and it's bleeding over in to their games department. Things like Netflix I can understand, I mean the 360 currently has it and it's nice to have it in your living room but really there is no point in this skype or live broadcast shizzle when most already own computers, televisions and tablets that do it all anyway. By adding all this (and the built in Kinect) they're making the console more and more expensive than it needs to be. If I buy an Xbox One (and I probably will), I'll probably only use it to play the video games, I shouldn't have to spend an extra £100-£150 for kinect and television features. I don't need a little box to pop up and tell me Lionel Messi has scored, I know he scored because I just watched it. They're going to need some impressive new IPs at E3 if they want to impress me. You can tell they was desperate with Call of Duty when they talked about the Dog for five minutes and how they are adding new tech that has existed for about seven years. They can't really expect us to accept that the face of the next gen Xbox is going to be from a ten year old series. On a last point you can tell they where pandering to the stock holders when they announced the Halo TV show. Sure it sounds cool enough and yeah I can see the connection but unless it's going to be like Defiance and run along side a future Halo game, it has absolutely no connection to the launch and didn't need to be there. I think this video explained it nicely. But yeah, rant a side, I like the new controller. 10/10 will buy.
  10. Andyana

    Skittle Ranger animation

    So yeah. Heres what it was a contribution for http://youtu.be/kbuvEhDSMuc Just a fun project really. Learned a bit about special effects animation. It was a choice between this or work on a third year production. Sort of wished I'd worked on one of the films but this was still a laugh. I contributed the Red guy, The lightning effects and bandana on the Yellow guy as well as the heart pop on the purple. Also coloured the Red Yellow Orange and Green guys. I may also be in the live action part but I'll leave that to speculation. edit: Apologies to any Japanese speakers here. I don't actually know what the Kanji says, I just found out from my Japanese friend that its very rude. Editing wasn't my department.
  11. Andyana

    Skittle Ranger animation

    I wasn't happy with he final pose so I went back and put a slight twist into the body.
  12. Animation I've been working on for the last two days for an advert project http://youtu.be/6P9Xfl0BQ0g Sorry for the quality, the pencil check cameras are naff. Hopefully this weekend when everyone's finished there parts of the advert I can clean up and colour which will be pretty :3 Edit: Tweeked final pose.
  13. Andyana

    Guild Wars 2

    Gratz man! Naturally I'm back at uni so no Guild Wars untill March. January update should be out tonight though. I will be following it :P
  14. Andyana

    Click here to find out your future!

    Well it beats Old age and murder.

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