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  1. Good news, I'm not dead and I still play RS Great news, 40 Dungeoneering Best news, 1200 total in F2P
  2. Mako275

    When I Was Your Age:

    One click = One swing mining w/ sleeping bags.
  3. Can sneezingtree's sig count? If so than that, if not than Idk.
  4. Mako275

    Twitter Competition Winners

    I suppose technically Wilt, but then you start down a slippery slope of what it means to be a F2p or a Mem.
  5. Congratz on the 800 total, and for 79 mining which is win for a F2p.
  6. Actually I don't play very often just at work or when bored at home. I've played this same account now for almost 6 years. Thanks to everyone for the congratz!! Also feel free to add me if anyone wants too I enjoy talking others.
  7. So I haven't posted in the "Achievements" in awhile, so I figured that if I was going to post it should be a nice one. Without further babbling I present: 80 Crafting 80 Defense 80 Strength 60 Runecrafting 60 Prayer and 100 combat level A big thank you to Skydude and Goggie and to DJ for the congratzes. Oh by the way did I mention I was F2p?
  8. Mako275

    Dj Gavri : A Log Of A Tree Killer :)

    Darn you DJ 70 prayer already? Well thanks again for the early congratz!
  9. Mako275

    80 Smithing

    Nice! Congratz on 80 smithing. I plan on getting that soon enough.
  10. Mako275

    Do I Get Anchovies Or A Coookie?

    Congrats on 55 cooking. If you want you can add me a fellow F2per to your friends. Mako275
  11. Mako275

    91 Portions Of Fish And Chips

    Congrats man, 91 fishing is certainly a great achievement and even better because you're a F2p.
  12. Mako275

    Free To Play

    I'm fine with the size of F2p worlds. I've been playing this game in F2p since October '03 and I've still not been to every part of the world. (Most of that being the wild).
  13. I suppose I could join the RS forums as I have 23.6 million XP, but I barely post on here as it is....>.> It's nice to see that they care about the higher lvl F2pers at least. EDIT: Holy cow Wilt is here?
  14. Mako275

    Whats Your Dream

    I guess I'll go all out here. 99 in all F2P skills A set of every trimmed armor available to F2P (except Addy cause that stuff's just nasty) Set of every rare item holiday item Every rare or unique weapon in F2P (i.e. Rcing staff, Compound Bow, etc.)
  15. Mako275

    Windows Downloadable Client

    I use it for these reasons as well, but there is another reason which they recently fixed as to why I used the client. 5) Hitting backspace to delete text and having the browser go back a page. Client never did that.

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