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  1. finished

    Clan Discussion = Deadsies

    I just want you to know three things: 1. I read a couple posts on this topic, and I would've probably owned your logic 2 years ago when I still played. 2. Just so people know, FT has always been arrogant, cocky, and unprofessional. People thought we were nice and polite cause I was a dictator to most of them on public forums. I was the main representative of FT and I always represent professionalism. 3. Seriously, I realized after quitting how stupid it was to follow the standards of everyone to keep in our positive mentality. You can't think polite when your playing a sports game, you have to think about how you'll rip them all apart. I should've promoted flaming and holding bad relationships. By the way, to everyone who thinks MODS killed Sals CD, you only have RS to thank for that. Mods didn't do anything, you could always just appeal. It was RS removing wild causing certain Sals Clans to just lose enthusiasm for the game. I would know, cause I was one of them. I've been on these forums since end of 05, well actually this is my new account, I had my old one deleted, but I have yet to get a warning, and when I did, I would appeal and made whoever warned me feel a little dumber inside. No names, because I don't remember, or I'd get a smarter mod to look at the situation and fix it for me. You just have to be smart to live on these forums.
  2. finished

    Oh, Hi.

    LOL THIS PLACE IS SO DEAD NO MODS CLOSED?! I wonder if any of the mods still remember me.
  3. finished

    It's Been A While.

    PKPETE, I wish you best of luck!
  4. We have always never manged to pull at par on weekdays, but recently, we have seen an increase in our activity and we took that as motivation prepping for this week's cwa pkri. Latin Killers approached me for a Clan Wars Arena PKRI and I accepted. We went along like we normally do and we had a decent starting. We haven't pulled more than 28 people on a week day event for almost 3 months now. We pulled 33 to this event and maintained the # throughout the fight, however there were times we dropped down to 26 due to people have to keep their obligations. The numbers were pretty even with Lk having more and FT having more sometimes, but either way we were able to get quick piles. Starting: Ending:
  5. finished

    What Is Strong Moderation For?

    I can also make a strong argument about posting on people's top 10 list.
  6. finished

    What Is Strong Moderation For?

    I haven't posted here in a while, but it seems no one is very good at arguing a point. Being that I am the oldest person in Clan Event/Discussion at the moment, I think my opinion does matter, or rather I know how it was like, how it has been like, and how it is like now. First off, Lol as u die, no that is not true, I have been looking at other forums too, and I haven't been posting here at all. I agree moderation is ridiculous at certain aspects. However, us being the people who are using the forums need to respect the rules that are supposedly moderated by moderators. We shouldn't be complaining about mods being strict, or following rules to the exact, rather we should be complaining about how mods should re-read the rules and assess their modding style. I think it can be agreed by both moderators and forumers that moderators do follow the rule to the exact letter. It is not compromised and they are doing what their doing. So don't tell me your not because it has been mentioned in this topic before and the moderator or people arguing for the moderator never disagreed with that point, which means you obviously agree with it. I will argue the two word posting spam that everyone is always talking about (Congrats Eclipse on win topics). Let's just go take a look at the rules right now and keep in mind we are following the rules to the exact. So let's go to the rules for spamming: Now lets define Topic: Now let's go to the Forum Description for Clan CD So let's head about this in a relative order, starting at the Forum Description. This is a place where we talk about events, or more vaguely clan-related topics. This will include topics on a clan's victories, defeats, or just events in general. Now being that a topic is a subject of conversation or discussion, a conversation or discussion does not exist with only one person. What is the first thing a sports announcer says to an athlete after the game? Congratulations on the win. What does someone say after a beautiful performance from a pianist? You sounded Great. These are all phrases that are only 3-5 words long, but it conveys a point to make the performer feel better, and to know that they are appreciated. There is no difference here. You post Congratulations Eclipse to show that they did a good job on their win and they should be proud. Now lets go back to the rule. First off, there is no rule against 2 or 3 word post, the rules only say one word posts. So please stop with the nonsense if you don't even know the rules. Like I said moderators enforce the rules to the exact letter, and I suppose it is assumed numbers are relative as well. 2 and 3 is not 1. So unless we post Congrats and that is all, we are not breaking any rules. And if you don't think letters and numbers are relative, on the rules, it is spelled out as one. So we can spell out two and three if it is really necessary. I just explained why it is not meaningless and it actually does convey a point. Thus, saying "Congrats Eclipse" is not against the rules. And I will guess that a counter-argument would be like, a lot of people post just to get post count. Being that I probably won't have the time to follow up on this, I will post an argument to the counter-argument right now. You cannot assume a person's intention behind their post. You'll be just like Jagex, banning everyone assuming that they meant to bug abuse when really, not everyone did. And if you really want to go as far to say that they are doing the right thing, then let me ask you something, don't a lot of people post for post counts? A lot of people go up and down the forum to post in every topic with two sentences, but they do it to get a high post count. I've been here for so long, yet my post count is as low as it is. What is the difference? Everyone goes for post count, but either way assuming is wrong because it makes a you know what out of u and me. Basic point is, by posting congrats eclipse, we are not breaking any rules, and moderators are just overlooking the rules when they try to use power to enforce nothing on the poster. Hope this helps everyone out. If you didn't read it, just don't reply because you will not put up a good argument.
  7. finished

    PvP glitch (fixed)

  8. finished

    Activity Check

    Finish_ed Forgotten Templars
  9. finished

    Sals Clan Stand Still ?

    O dam GK is in bold. Does that mean your proud of beating us? No you didn't seem to see the topics the first time, so I figured I'd make it easier for you. Perhaps I should start bolding my topics.
  10. finished

    Sals Clan Stand Still ?

    We only post if we win our mandatory fights. We have 3 mandatory events a week. This past week, we won 2 and lost 1. We won one of the unmandatory and lost the other. The weekend before we started our little spurt as we felt we were ready. FT vs. Exer Week Prep: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...=273355&hl= FT vs. GK Matched Options: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...=274098&hl= FT vs. KO CWA Pkri http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...=273853&hl= We lost to LF Yesterday, you can find that on RSC. Hope that answers your questions.
  11. finished

    Gk Vs Lpt

    Lol, nice ending for the Tri fight.
  12. finished

    Your Sals List!

    I normally wouldn't look here, let alone post here. (Someone had directed me here) But I really fail to see any cockiness in what he said. He just said that a statement saying "GK will everyone below with ease" was wrong because we just beat GK today. Not saying we are better, just saying that statement is wrong. It is cool that you outpulled us, and you outleveled us, but all that matters is the result. Seems to me someone is resenting. 1. Exodus 2. Gladz 3. FT 4. GK Anyway stick to list posting.
  13. I'd like something like this sounds fun.
  14. finished

    Forgotten Templars Vs Exercitum

    Was 8 - 9 PM GMT

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