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  1. Melenhor

    An Important Message from Mod MMG

    I'm pretty sure this is going to cause more damage than good to the overall economy (not that I'm sure it matters anymore these days). It's just going to cause all the gold sites to crash their costs. They don't actually care how much they really sell the gold for, as long as it gets sold, so they'll just have undercut Jagex significantly enough to convince players it's worth the risk. So you could buy one of these new things from Jagex and maybe get 5mil, or spend the same money on a gold site and get like 20mil. The people who don't care about the rules, who already use or would use these services, are going to get a huge benefit from the change. This is more or less what happened with D3 and the RMAH. I guess it does help legit players get a piece of the $ -> gold thing, which is nice, but I doubt this is going to really make a difference for the gold sellers/buyers and their business.
  2. I'm pretty jelly of that chain there; never actually saw one back when I used to 2/3/4 man KQ years ago.
  3. Melenhor

    RuneScape 3 Beta Programme: Now Live

    Definitely more right now.There appears to be multi-core support though (all 4 of mine light up when i first log on), so it has a much higher resource ceiling than the Java version does. It's hard to gauge too much though, it's clearly pretty inefficient right now. It constantly loads a lot of fresh material every time you enter a new area, and at times it doesn't even properly finish loading areas. It'll be really nice once it's all optimized and running smooth though.
  4. Melenhor

    RuneScape 3 Beta Programme: Now Live

    Higher draw distance + cave/tunnels/etc. But thats just something that needs work I suppose. And a fine view of the desert :D
  5. There's some wooden spear thingies in the back of the arena that you can shoot over. I did it just using flame strike safe-spotting from there.
  6. Melenhor


    Oh lawds, that still exists :o
  7. Melenhor

    Runescape 3 set for this summer.

    Moving away from java means everything should be a lot more responsive. So hopefully RS3 engine will do away with the delay between clicking something and the action registering and the random "loading" hangs when you move through large areas..
  8. This, like a million times over.RC was one of my favorite skills when it involved so much thrill of dodging silly glory ammy hunters, and the payout was quite nice too. The old wilderness in general holds most of my best memories. I wasn't much of a pker, but I loved the thrill of using all sorts of tactics to escape pkers, it made doing things out there much more fun.
  9. The whole vote itself is just a disguiesed cash-grab. Most people that really want '07 Runescape probably aren't members anymore, Jagex is just trying to sucker them into paying them now and paying a ton more later over something that's really not worth the cost. If they really weren't doing it for the bank opporutnity, they would've just let anyone with an '07 or older account vote, regardless of membership status. Kinda sad to poke my head in and check on the MMO I grew up with, only to see them frequently pushing money grabs (SoF and crap) rather than real updates.
  10. lolnoThe game never broke 300k people online, i'm positive of this. It came close iirc (like around 250k), but then they removed free trade/wilderness and those high numbers never even came close again. Not to mention most of those 200k+ people were bots and gold farmers anyway, so it's hardly a good metric to judge by. Not that you're wrong; '06 was the last time where PKing wasn't just a lol1shot fest, outside of really risky scenarios like low-hp dharoks, which was a really great time for PKers. Not even for the sake of competition, the combat system was so dated (it hadn't mechanically changed since the release of RS2) that it couldn't really handle player damage output. It was initially designed around players KOing with Dragon Dagger and D Mace specs.A complete overhaul of the combat system was the best course, but it really just happened way too late.
  11. Melenhor

    Official Wow Thread

    Decided, since I can solo-enter old raids now, I'd go back and clean up some missing achieves. After clearing out Uld, I took some whacks at Algalon. Now, due to his tank-swap mechanic, in order to solo him you have to kill him in ~90 seconds. I got close a few times then just decided to use a flask, raid food, and a dps potion with my cds and it was just enough to squeeze out the kill. I think I'll aim for doing Alone In the Dark next week, or maybe just setting it on 25 man.
  12. Melenhor

    Official Wow Thread

    Feral #1 healer!!!! 5.0.4 is pretty fun :P I enjoy pvp a lot more with this patch (and on beta at 90). It's not quite as ridiculous bursty as WotLK was, but it's a lot faster paced than Cata. I can actually 1v1 a healer down if I line up stuns/interrupts and prep my burst properly.
  13. Actually that was confirmed at least a week ago by Mod Rathe or one of the other mods that are in charge of the combat beta. However I think making HP, Pray, and Summoning like herb is taking it too far. Basically, there are now 4 noncombat skills that influence combat ability, with pray and sum in particular being a massive difference to how well you can fight. You can't really say they will provide a massive difference before the beta has even started. Things are going to function much differently, so the bonuses they provide now might not nearly be as significant after the combat change.
  14. Melenhor

    Og Blog: Tradition and Challenge

    So now if you're level 180 ish, and you get, for example, a blue dragon slayer task (level 111 I think), you'll get full slayer exp, but only 10% combat exp? Well that probably wouldn't be the case for a blue dragon because I'm assuming they will reformulate the combat levels for NPCs, so a Blue Dragon should have a higher combat level. But it's still a good point. Maybe your best slayer master won't assign you monsters that are far below your combat level. If the exp penalty only ends up on combat exp there's no real reason to restrict slayer assignments.It seems like we'll probably be killing things faster anyway if we're making use of the new abilities, so I doubt the 10% exp penalty will even matter in the long run.
  15. Melenhor

    Happy Spanish Inquisition!

    I expected the Spanish Inquisition.

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