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  1. Ruin

    Rm Group

    So it's essentially the DM group with more people? Congratulations if this is for real the respected member group is by far the most pointless thing ever added to the forum.
  2. Ruin

    Yeah Don

    You lost your rank because you acted in an immature manner. End of story.
  3. I find it kind of pathetic this has devolved into an argument over who has spent the most time on an internet forum. Also since dms are going off the deep end over the loss of a stupid pip, then perhaps thats a sign the group needs to go.
  4. Ruin

    You're Kidding Me..

    He's right. The pvp section is one of the slowest forums on the site and promoting people to mod it would be completely pointless.
  5. Ruin

    If Dms R Gonna B Gone Soon

    The day before we take them away we should make everyone dm for a day. Then everybody can be special. :D
  6. Ruin

    You're Kidding Me..

    Pre 2007 clan forum was even worse. If you had less than four warns and frequented that section you were a wizard.
  7. Prayer on a under 50 combat pure is a bad idea. Get 40 attack 55 strength 1 defense 1 prayer 70 range xx hp * magic doesn't really matter but 37 nets you all the freeplay teleports. And in the unlikely event someone actually has full rune at your level you might want 59 magic for fireblast.
  8. Ruin


    I'm from Wisconsin and I can safely say that once you live here for about a month weird/erratic behavior doesn't even phase you any more.
  9. Ruin

    Court Rules D&d Promotes Gang Activity

    Irresponsible taser use. Lightning Bolt!
  10. Ruin

    Scaper And Pureosaur's Gallery!

    Anyone who wants some start up cash on their pures can pm if they want. I'll be giving 100k in cash to any sals pker because I'm done for good now.
  11. Ruin

    Help With Soul Wars Prod.

    A friend of mine once had an account like this that made pure f2p pkers rage hard. attack 40 strength 96 defense 1 prayer 1 magic 59 hitpoints 45 range 40 Most people train their f2p pkers in p2p worlds because its much faster.
  12. Welcome back shine, and in my opinion stay where you are on the melee stats and range tank. I got 90 strength and I really regret the extra combat levels. How would you know? :D Wrong There's nothing better than downing inexperienced pkers for their banks in full moonclan, a water staff, and a dds.
  13. My only advice is remember that RS is very time intensive. If you have any Irl obligations, Runescape is not the best use of you're time or money.
  14. Ruin

    Pking In P2p

    I'm getting a bit sick of you and MerlinArchaer999 or whatever his name is telling where I can and can't post on this forum. If you don't like my advice feel free to ignore it. I do find it odd someone with a nearly maxed account (judging by your sig) has no idea what basic pking gear is.
  15. Ruin

    Pking In P2p

    Rune, Korasi's sword, and venge runes are all you need to pk in 2011. Legends cape has pretty nice bonuses for the 500 gp it costs.

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