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  1. Tigerwing0

    International Tiger Day

    A whole day dedicated to me!
  2. Tigerwing0


    Wabs Wabs Wabs! Grats Btw
  3. Me thinketh your graphics card doth prosteseth too much... Looks bad ass, though!
  4. Tigerwing0

    Jagex cancels Transformers Universe

    Tried waroflegends when it came out, enjoyed, played, paid.... Quickly realized it was the love-child red-headed stepchild of jagex.... I still hop on once every month or so... It really needs to be shutdown. Put it out of its misery. 8realms. LOL. Played it to say I did, not at all sad to see it go. Transformers was actually really fun. There wasn't anything critically wrong with it on the front end... I guess it just never took off for a variety of reasons. Jagex.... gotta love to hate em
  5. Tigerwing0

    vicious trains

    Story time??
  6. Tigerwing0

    zooey family

    That bike ride sounds great!
  7. Tigerwing0

    Active People

    Lurk everyday, post once a month. Woop!
  8. Tigerwing0

    Free bunny ears

    May I have some ears?
  9. Tigerwing0

    My keyboard repeats the d key

    *Sorry for the non-helpful post, but I couldn't resist* Maybe your computer just wants the D?
  10. Tigerwing0

    People at my new school

    Moog is from Louisiana?? Hider neighbor
  11. Tigerwing0

    What did you learn today?

    TIL that keeping a drunk person under control sucks ass.
  12. 15 <) 45* ? That's magnitude 15, 45 degrees ... Can't do polar on the computer :r
  13. Someone help me with my picture :o

    1. O hai im KAMIL

      O hai im KAMIL

      I searched for around 30 mins and couldn't find anything, sorry mate.


      If this is for a school project, look up your fair use laws and you may be able to use a copyrighted piece of work.

    2. Tigerwing0


      Thanks to the effort. Maybe someone can make something. If all else fails, I'll just use a single bicycle...

  14. Hey guys, I'm having difficulty finding an image suited for my needs. I am trying to find a picture related to transportation development. It needs to be an free use image. I'm trying to find something with biking, driving, walking, etc all integrated into one picture. Examples- (These images are near spot on, but I can't find any free use versions) This one is really superb. Unfortunately, this picture is from a shady blog posting and reversing image search shows it as a copy written shutterstock/dreamtime/fotoshizzle image. This is probably the easiest to replicate. Fairly simple, I'd love to just crop the words out and steal it. But thats bad. I'm needing this picture before Monday my time. Need to use it for another project after this. Any help would be appreciated!

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