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  1. gavinmi

    Rs Useless Facts

    My fact- When you go to ScapeRune, you talk with evil bob the cat, even if you don't have a catspeak amulet.
  2. gavinmi

    Varrock City Guide Rewrite

    You should have a part that is about the inhabitants. Like the guards, the owners of the shops , maybe the bankers. I'll get pictures for them if you want.
  3. gavinmi


    I have information on the Dragon Halberd (in bold) The dragon halberd is very useful. You can attack enemies two spaces away from you! The Regicide Quest is required to use it. You can buy it for 325,000GP from the store in Tyras Camp, or for about 200,000 GP from another player . That is all the info I could find
  4. gavinmi

    Change The Censor :)

    That is a really good idea. I support. When I first saw the title, I was like "Oh no! Not another dumb censor removing suggestion!" When I read it, though I found out it was a great idea.
  5. gavinmi

    Runescape Portal System

    Do we really need a new way to get around? We have teleporting, hot air balloons, the dwarf-goblin train, gliders, etc.
  6. gavinmi

    The Unknown Dungeon 2

    The idea is good, but the rewards? For that? >.<
  7. gavinmi

    New Screen Name, Maybe.

    I picked Ykulnu PNB. I have no idea why.
  8. gavinmi

    My First Fake

    This is not a fake. I don't care what others say. -997565657 cuz it's not a fake -997565657/10
  9. gavinmi


    Here is a picture of a dragon mace special attack. [img=http://i41.tinypic.com/29blmwg.jpg] Is that in bad quality? I'll change it if you want. "This small but tough weapon is commonly used for Player Killing, because its Special Attacks comes in two quick hits, increasing the chances your opponent will lose. It is suggested to use a Weapon Poison (pp+) on it, or just buy a Dragon Dagger (pp+) from the Grand Exchange. The Special Attack uses 25% of the Special Attack Bar. To wield this weapon, you need to complete the Lost City quest. This is one of the first Dragon weapons that was released in Runescape. You can buy the Dragon Dagger from Zanaris for 30,000gp or you can buy it from other players around the same price." I also put some mistakes I found, I just was too lazy to quote it -_- Edit: Here is a D mace pic with me hitting(it is the special attack) [img=http://i42.tinypic.com/wbcl8x.jpg]
  10. gavinmi


    Just put in some small mistakes I found. They are in bold. I did not put Dragon Dagger in bold, it was like that. You should add the links for the items in the item guide.
  11. you need to complete all varrock achievement diary to use that bank edit:saw sum1 else posted this sorry i guessed that because it wasn't in the guide no1 posted it
  12. gavinmi

    Hey Sals! I Made You A Painting!

    http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?k60j0a3fjzs mine owns all yours! Edit:my second one owns even more http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?k62l0mawzrg
  13. gavinmi

    Prayer Help Rewrite- 25% Complete

    When going to worship the Ectofunctus, you must be sure to have the following items: Pots, Buckets (the quantity of the bones you are bringing must be equivilant to the bones you are bringing), Bones, and an Amulet of Ghostspeak. (Tip: Bring an Ectophial to teleport you from the Pool of Slime to the Ectofunctus.) "(the quantity of the buckets you are bringing must be equivilant to the bones you are bringing)"
  14. gavinmi

    Getting Around Runescape - 100% Complete!

    "Enchanted Lyre Teleports you to: Rellekka Recharges: Pick from the following: one raw shark, one raw manta ray, one raw sea turtle or while wearing ring of charos (a) one raw bass.(replaces raw shark) Each one also has 2 charges if used with a shark, 3 charges if used with a sea turtle, and 4 charges if used with a manta ray."
  15. gavinmi

    Edgeville Dungeon Rewrite - 100% Complete

    another way to get there would to be to teleport using ancient magic(Paddewa teleport)

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