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  1. Ootachi


    Hello everyone. How long's it been? Nine months? Feels like longer. Anything I've missed?
  2. Oh dear.

    1. Guitarguy


      Lions and tigers and bears!

  3. So you're saying you can't shoot the brute at this point?
  4. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    I didn't know where to post this, but... Assassin's Creed 3 confirmed. It's going to be set during the American Revolution, with what looks like a Native American Assassin.
  5. Ootachi

    The Elder Scrolls

    Some of my Skyrim adventures over the weekend. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/114297077570267587105/albums/5713451589967064465
  6. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    That's because it is just walking around an island. It does look interesting and I would like it, but I don't want to pay £6.99 for it.
  7. Ootachi

    need someone to talk to

    I used to wonder what friendship could be. Until Fatalysm shared its magic with me!
  8. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    I haven't played it, but my friends who have say it's very good. Top tier RPG. There's a demo on Origin if you want to try it out. EDIT: DE:HR and Mirror's Edge are both on sale for crazy low prices. Get them.
  9. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    And that's where BioWare come in.
  10. Ootachi

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Yes. It would be pretty difficult for BioWare to completely remove Miranda from the entire game. Miranda isn't in ME3 though. Wait are you sure? Maybe she won't be a party member but she might be part of the story in some way. I very much doubt she will be, considering she's a member of Cerberus and they're trying to blow holes in your armour.
  11. Ootachi

    The Elder Scrolls

    Switch to Expert, makes the game so much more awesome. I bought Skyrim for PC. I didn't manage a day before nearly killing it with mods. EDIT: I normally launch Skyrim with the SKSE launcher. If I launch Skyrim through that, will the Official HD Texture Pack work?
  12. Ootachi

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Yes. It would be pretty difficult for BioWare to completely remove Miranda from the entire game. Miranda isn't in ME3 though.
  13. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    Most important piece of gaming news this year. GABEN HAS A BEARD
  14. Erm, are there three graphics cards in there? You won't need that many.
  15. That won't run Skyrim on max settings at all, you'll need a better graphics card. UESP has a list of what you'll need to run Skyrim at what setting. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:System_Requirements
  16. Ootachi

    The Elder Scrolls

    John Cleese plays Skyrim. The world is a better place.
  17. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    Dear Esther, despite fears by the Indie Fund that it would generate losses, managed to turn a profit in five and a half hours. It looks beautiful, I can't believe it's made using Source. Do want. EDIT: I played through the ME3 demo again, and one thing that struck me was that even though Bioware were all hoity toity about Clint Mansell composing for ME3, they still reused music from ME2. The track that plays when the Normandy comes to pick you up in the first mission is the same as when you first see the Normandy again after being resurrected at the start of ME2.
  18. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    Oh man, it's a shame about the key. Also the choice is really pandering to the Call of Duty crowd. They must have really improved the combat in that game if it can hold up on it's own. Nothing really to complain about though, I do enjoy the mass effect games but why Bioware have always been RPG guys and a game where you can choose not to have RPG options seems abit of a dunce move to make. And let's be honest, given who they employ on the writing team, they could have added a third option. That was on Reddit. It got removed. Because the majority of it was faked. Any parts that were true were taken vastly out of context. http://www.reddit.co...re_cancer_post/ Although it is true that she hates playing games. ME3's combat has improved. You can't stay in cover, take potshots at the enemy and go back under cover when your health gets low. Enemies push forward and flank you a lot more, as well as throw grenades to flush you out of cover.
  19. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    Thanks for the key, didn't work though. I'm sure I'll get one soon enough. ME3 demo was released earlier today, already installed and played it. Damn, it's good.The most interesting thing was that at the start you're given a choice of whether you wanted to play an action or RPG oriented game. RPG is similar to ME2 with some aspects of ME1, but action removes all customisation and doesn't let you choose dialogue in options.
  20. Ootachi

    PC Gaming Club

    This. Most fun from a FPS in ages and I can't wait for the full version of the game to be released. Add me as Joethetwin and we'll go skiing. Alright, my name is redmonke255 (surprise surprise). This game is awesome. Though I always get lag spikes and it locks up on me....drives me nuts. Turns out I can't even create a temporary Facebook account any more. Now it asks me for a phone number and a key code given to me in a text.
  21. Ootachi

    The Elder Scrolls

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=7775 I lol'd.
  22. Ootachi

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Iron ones too?
  23. Ootachi

    Morphsuit help

    Try not to think of naked members of the opposite sex. Or same, whatever makes you happy.
  24. Ootachi

    Who is your favourite Doctor Who Actor?

    David Tennant, as he was the one I watched while growing up. Christopher Eccleston didn't really fit the role, and even though Matt Smith is a good actor, the scripts haven't come close to the ones David Tennant played.
  25. Ootachi


    Could you point me to a pic of a pair that looks similar to them? A lot like that. They're pretty no-frills, so I get them free on the NHS because I'm still in full time education.

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