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  1. HELLO. I'm back to recommend some hardcore noise rock math stuff (and not only because I'm in the band). http://irkband.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/irkband For fans of Meshuggah, These Arms are Snakes, Daughters, Jesus Lizard, et cetera.
  2. HELLO. Remember me? I've come back to share some of my new music. It's short, loud and fuzzy. For fans of Lightning Bolt and the Jesus Lizard. Listen here: http://blackgorgon.bandcamp.com Like it here: http://www.facebook.com/blacksgorgon Shameless self promotion aside, I hope everyone is well. Good to see the Music Recommendations Thread is still alive three and a half years after it was birthed. Love and peace, guys. And have an awesome Christmas time. Jack/Hyrax/Mr. Grieves
  3. Hello nerds. I'm just stopping by to let you know (and by "you" I mean "those of you whom, from my time here, I happen to know enjoy a slice of downtempo EDM every now and again") that I have a new double single out. You can listen to and buy it here. You can listen to and share it here. You can watch the videos here and here. You can show your support/keep up to date with my goings on here. Lots of love, Hyrax P.S. Good to see the ol' MRT is still going strong. You guys are rad.
  4. HELLO. I thought I'd swing by to formally bow out of this forum. I'm way too busy these days and I've had to be ruthless in selecting what to assign to my limited recreational time. Many thanks to all the creeps in the Entertainment thread, where I spent most of my time. Particularly, the regular contributor's to the Music Recommendations Thread. Also, thanks to those few Debate Room nerds who engaged in genuine argument in the interest of progressive discussion. Props to Jack-Nicholson and Whitey for being rad. I may find myself coming back once in a while, but for practical reasons, this is THE END of Mr. Grieves / Hyrax. If you want to stay in touch then find me on Facebook here. Please let me know who you are, otherwise I may not accept you. And if you want to keep up with my electronic music stuff, you can get news here and listen to it here. I've got some other projects coming up, but I'll probably mention those on the I Am a Car Facebook page. WELL, I think that's that.
  5. I'm going to swing down to Manchester to see him. He usually comes to Leeds but he's not this year. Hope it's not something to do with the fact that last time he played in Leeds he spent the night at my house eating ice pops. No way True story. We met him and the flute player in this bar because he couldn't find the club where his afterparty was. We told him that the club he was looking for was a hellhole (which it is) so he came back to mine for drinks and customary ice pops.
  6. I'm going to swing down to Manchester to see him. He usually comes to Leeds but he's not this year. Hope it's not something to do with the fact that last time he played in Leeds he spent the night at my house eating ice pops.
  7. Here's some pretty cool breakcore style stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh5In0Owm28
  8. , doing what he does best.For fans of chilled Electronic beats (like Four Tet, Caribou, etc). Is JT going on safari?
  9. Please remember the new thread rule about posting videos.
  10. . Got myself tickets last week. HOORAY.
  11. She really liked it, and she said that she's going to show it some of her friends who also like this type of music. Give her a gigantic high five of appreciation for me!
  12. That is exactly how I intended for it to be listened to. Thanks! Awesome, thanks man. Let me know what she makes of it. Sea Turtle Dance is totally the "fun" track on the album. But that's 'cos it's about this lovely girl I just met who likes turtles. INSIDE KNOWLEDGE.
  13. Cheers, Whitey! Glad you like it.
  14. Forgive me for posting this everywhere but... Anyone interested in ambient/minimal/electronic music, please check out my new album at http://iamacar.bandcamp.com. It's free to stream and download. ...Okay I'll stop the self promotion now.
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