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  1. Cookie

    Blood Runs Deep

    hit one, then the other and continue like that until one of them die.
  2. Cookie

    Music Recomendations Thread

    New/NĂ¼ metal/ Metalcore/ Hardcore rock Suggestions ? This Song Is Awesome, check it out !
  3. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I'm getting 1909 NOK (Around 300$) for my cellphone someone stole when i were in Paris in march/april. Suggestions for games i should get? Thinking of Borderlands and Fallout 3:GOTY Edition
  4. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I'm thinking of getting Trails HD, Shadow Complex also rock band metal the 13th october.
  5. Cookie

    Video Game Jobs

    Commander Shepard, free in the whole universe. Or member of thieves's guild. Or myself in Skate 2, no surgery needed for broken bones.
  6. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Sorry jump, i was just not in the mood. Sorreh mate
  7. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Those release very far from each other. I'm kind of scared that that's a conflict. If you like both get both. ODST comes out this year. Mass Effect 2 2010. Yea I don't think he realized that. Hey guys should I get Brutal legend or Fable 3? Actually i know that, i'm not fudgeed up either if that's what you think. Halo: ODST is coming out now in September, and Mass Effect 2 Q1. But i'm 14, and in Norway Games cost 100$ new and i'm not so addicted to games that i rent games, or just buy/rent games for gamerscore. Something that's worth nothing. But yes, thanks for your opinion. I really like when people think i know nothing. /sarcastic. Was Thinking of this signature, but it was too big.
  8. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I was Thinking of that. And MW2 For Christmas
  9. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Should i get Mass Effect 2 or ODST?
  10. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Yes because if you dont have all the maps Halo ODST will give you all the maps. I got Mythic map pack, and heroic i think. But getting it anyway. I just fell down from 3 meters and hit my arm into a rock, hell it hurts, couldn't move it for 5 minutes, still it hurts
  11. Cookie

    How Did You Die Last?

    5 Krogans against me, and i already had low health. That's so dead.
  12. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Is Halo:ODST worth the cash? Cause i'm thinking of saving up to it.
  13. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Is it one month for the update? (Avatar clothing, Games on demand, etc)? I thought it was today, ^_^ Anyway, still my cousin is not home, so assassin's creed got to wait before i can get it
  14. Cookie

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I'll turn down the volume on the TV when his voice comes then. Forza 2

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