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  1. Skelex Teh Phails

    120 Dungeoneering

    So you posted that without realising that level 120 is apparently only 1m exp away from level 114? Glitch, telmomarques got it first.
  2. Skelex Teh Phails

    Nt Another Rate Me Topic.

    Pretty good for your playing time, mediocre bank but nice fishing level. 6/10
  3. Skelex Teh Phails

    Updated New Fake Runecrafting Waterbody - July 13th 2010

    xD And in Canada you have that pinnacle of artistic televisual genius known only as WWE.
  4. Skelex Teh Phails

    Total 1000

    Congrats on all f2p 1k total, I'm only on about 950 >_> Your stats are pretty much identical to mine, bar your 44 dungeoneering.
  5. Skelex Teh Phails

    Incredible Boredom

    If thats not fake, imma punch you in the nuts It most definitely isn't. Now I'm going to go grab a cup. If only you could do that outside of Dungeoneering... O wait you can That's incredible! And I thought I was rich when I made 100K! Wait I smell fake, PK has is camera the same angle as Danny yet the compass is different o_O Starting rooms aren't always identical, sometimes they're set out differently.
  6. Skelex Teh Phails

    Nice Lil' Spiritual Mage Trip.

    That's an awesome FireFox theme, but searching for tip.it? Congrats on an obscene amount of red boots.
  7. Skelex Teh Phails

    What Would You Do If You Had Infinite Coins?

    Buy out all the rares, get 2147M of every decent item.
  8. Skelex Teh Phails

    Few Achievements

    Don't accidentally reset that exp counter Congrats on 99 Strength and 85 Slayer
  9. Skelex Teh Phails

    About Average For My Level?

    For your level 157m is impressive, and the quests and combat skills are nice. Maybe get all 60+?
  10. Skelex Teh Phails

    Gaining Magic Level Fast

    If you prioritise speed over cost, then alching or stunning is the way for you. If you want something cheap, but don't worry about a long timescale, go for superheating. With certain bars it's a nice profit.
  11. Skelex Teh Phails

    70 Range

    I WANT THAT LEVEL Congrats on 70 Ranged
  12. Skelex Teh Phails

    Crazy Party Room Drops

    Probably more, that's only the top of the page.
  13. Skelex Teh Phails

    Free Blue D'hides?

    Why not pick up both the hides and the bones, then sell the hides to buy more bones?
  14. Skelex Teh Phails

    The Sorrows Of Inactivity Bring This Present

    Congratz on 1k total in f2p, I'm going for that too >_<
  15. Skelex Teh Phails

    Twitter Hint Discussion

    Someone on zyb posted HD pictures of the new Zanaris, looks awesome. Makes me jealous of p2pers >_<

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