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  1. Pingviini

    Kuradel Has Been Warning Me About Dark Beasts

    dude really? i want that congrats WFS SUCK.
  2. Pingviini

    Halfway To 99

    congrats mai fini on 92 drug making skizzles. where u get all dis moneys fini
  3. Pingviini


    congrats on 99 arrows and bows
  4. Pingviini

    I Herd Blake Likes 99's

    grats i missed cos u didnt see my pms to u
  5. Created in Notepad, chart may be off. Prices vary. Feel free to use this. [/hr] Tree Run INVENTORY- 5 tree seeds - maple 4 fruit seeds - curry farmer payments - 5 orange baskets - 20 banana baskets 11 air runes 1 fire rune 3 laws 1 water wc axe duel ring rake seed dibber spade 1010 gp karajama gloves3 tree run - lumb home tele - plant tree behind the castle (north) - tree varrock teleport - run south east in varrock castle - tree teleport to falador - east to falador park - tree dueling ring to castle wars - (enlightened journey) taverly with 1 log - tree baloon to gnome stronghold- plant FRUIT TREE - FRUIT go to tree spot in gnome strong hold - tree spirit tree to gnome maze- follow then southwest - FRUIT operate karamja gloves (3) buy cart from shilo- plant fruit - FRUIT camelot - go to fruit tree near beach in catherby - FRUIT ---------------------------------------------------- HERB RUNNING (profits/route) 70mins for ALL HERBS 880mins for all trees to be finished 12 herb runs in one full tree run supercompost / 1.1k each 1/8 herbs die with supercompost HERB PROFITS (rannar-dwarf) |level|cost|profit| rannar 32 11400 27900 toadflax 38 5046 27734 irit 44 3875 22151 avantoe 50 5130 19519 kwuarm 56 5819 25257 snapdragon 62 18300 24600 cadantine 67 3597 18347 lantadyme 73 6983 26898 dwarfweed 79 8182 22392 amount earned from the time in a full tree run = 12 times - Profit = 6herb profitx12 higher than tree expense = profit INVENTORY- Dibber Rake Spade 5 herb seeds 5law 2fire 2water air staff ectophail explorers ring magic secaturs (5 super compost in inventory or in lepercahun) RUN- empty ectophail explorer ring cabbage port ardonunge telport trollheim teleport (OPTIONAL) (MY ARMS BIG ADVENTURE) camolet teleport (catherby) IRIT PROFITS 6 irits =22151 x12 =265815 (265k) -212k = 53k profit -5k (supercompost) = 48k
  6. Ohai. u c wot i did thare? yah. ok thanks Edit: cropped image to small, hope its better.
  7. Pingviini


    Okay, then how much cannonballs and food and whatnot should i bring? (inventory)
  8. Pingviini


    I've heard from some videos that it does help and others not, I am guessing it doesnt. How many cannonballs should I bring for around 140 of em?
  9. Pingviini


    fighters torso instead of barrows top? Sure, whatever, if you have it. The melee ones use slash anyway, don't they? *shrug* Strength bonus is less important since your cannon is doing a lot of the damage. But if you can survive okay with a torso then knock yourself out. but should i wear some range stuff? im using a canon so should i have a higher range level?
  10. Pingviini


    fighters torso instead of barrows top?
  11. Pingviini


    close me thanks everyone it worked out fine
  12. Pingviini


    [x] = completed current skill working on = fishing 71-76 fly fishing at shilo village 76-80 monkfish also doing farming (see farming run) 85 Attack 85 Strength 85 Defence 85 Range 70 Prayer 80 Magic 60 Runecrafting 80 Construction 60 Dungeoneering 90 Hitpoints 70 Agility 60 Herblore 60 Theiving 70 Crafting[x] 70 Fletching [x] 70 Slayer 70 Hunter [x] 60 Mining [x] 60 Smithing [x] 80 Fishing 80 Cooking [x] 99 Firemaking [x] 70 Woodcutting [x] 60 Farming 70 Summoning
  13. Pingviini

    So Much Herb, Man

    what level herb when you started? i would like this but i is poor. congrats ;D EDIT: by what level i meant like what level you start on double xp?
  14. Pingviini

    Oli Smith

    Sweet, how much it cost ya?
  15. Pingviini

    82 Magic On My Pure :)

    onnea ylle 82 magia kitara! 70 kantama nyt?

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