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  1. tuttiman

    Oldest Game You Have.

    The oldest game I have is a tie between duck hunt and super mario bros 3 on NES.
  2. tuttiman

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    cool story bro.
  3. tuttiman

    Whats Wrong With My Pc!?

    I'll have to do that tomorrow . I can't go on my messed up pc at the moment, my dad is trying to fix it.
  4. tuttiman

    Whats Wrong With My Pc!?

    LOL yeah, I was just about to post that myself, I asked my dad if the comp was sp2 or 3, he said 3 so.......>_>. Lol my bad.
  5. tuttiman

    Whats Wrong With My Pc!?

    1: Oh, Sorry about that 2.No, i'm not, but it happens on all accounts on my computer. 3. I have that program already, i ran a scan,but no viruses. 4. yeah, I know =( but if we were going to upgrade, we might aswell upgrade to vista, (either of those, not going to happen)
  6. Every time I log in on my pc, the task bar is automatically set to windows classic, and I cant change it back. Alongside that, I can't connect to the internet. Whats wrong? Btw, I have Windows Xp sp2, and I have a wireless internet connection.
  7. tuttiman

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Dang you have a lot of games.... i guess your options are a tad limited. If your live is about to run out, get a card or if there's anything your interested in on the marketplace get some ms points. You should get Forza 3 or NFS: Shift if your into racing.
  8. tuttiman

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    If I want to get a gift, I'll have to wait till my mom gets better. I'm probably going to get a year of xbox live and ill have to save mw2 for my birthday. But hey, after coming back from India, I'm lucky enough to even be receiving a gift. Your not alone. -.-
  9. tuttiman

    The Bunny Kit

    The halo part's been there for quite a while, it just dissapeared for a few updates
  10. tuttiman


    I take a 12" sub bun with seasoning on top, pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Then i cook up some teriyaki chicken and pop that in the bun. Glaze the bun in mayo and then add sub sauce. Sometimes I add a bit of mozzarella cheese, if I'm not lazy enough to. -.-
  11. tuttiman

    What Games To Buy With Ps3?

    Go with your friends suggestion, its good. But I also recommend Uncharted 2 if your interested.
  12. tuttiman

    You Know Your Addicted To Cod If....

    You know your addicted to COD when you join the military and approach your Sargent and ask when you're going to prestige.
  13. tuttiman

    Snow :(

    O_O god fudge-it!
  14. tuttiman

    Krazy Buddy Kit

    This thread is so full of win! I think im gonna go PM kingy about this!
  15. tuttiman

    Keep A Word, Drop A Word!

    This is really easy! It will go like this... Post 1: customer satisfaction Post 2: tough customer Post 3: tough break Post 4: break wind I'll start.... Mudkip's P3nor

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