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  1. rogue

    Mairujana! Legalize?

    you would pass out before youd od, if you could actually overdose. and legalizing and taxing it would not only help the economy but also help the problems with overcrowding in prisons. also, the snack food industry would greatly benefit. oh yeah and sexy time is amazing when youre high. just putting that out there.
  2. rogue


    yeah i remember you, but i doubt you know me welcome back anyway
  3. no but you should definitely write something about jim morrison in it
  4. rogue

    Journey Into The Wilderness

    this chapter was not that good, i'm sorry. it was very hard to follow and the grammar and spelling mistakes didn't help. the plot was also lacking. you should have explained scott's background a little more, maybe something about his parents, how he ended up in the sewers, etc. all in all, it is a pretty good idea, but spellcheck helps, and try working on your organization a little more.
  5. rogue

    Should The Above User Change His/her Username

    lions fine, but you want to change it to flow. flow lion?
  6. rogue


    well ask men can't be wrong look and see
  7. rogue


    Well, the same way you'd know arsenic and cyanide are poisons even if you've never ingested them. :3 (I know marijuana isn't poisonous, but your question was still off -- knowing the nature of something has little do with experiencing it yourself.) you're right, what i'm trying to say is that he shouldn't be calling it "poison" i sound like a nerd for saying this, but statistics show that no one has ever died from smoking marijuana, and it's impossible to OD on it. (and according to the movie Walk Hard, it makes sex better )
  8. rogue


    how would you know marijuana is "poison" if you never tried it?
  9. rogue


    im 13 so im practically a 12 year old
  10. rogue


    well well well i started smoking cigs a few months ago. to tell you the truth, i've never really smoked more then like 4 cigs at a time. for me, cigs are not as addicting as most people say, but i guess people have different tolerences for that kind of thing. i'm going to admit now, i really started to be cool. but i don't go crazy with it at all. i smoke maybe 1 cig a week and i'm fine. marijuana. lets see. well i've been smoking the herb for a little more than a year. let me tell you, the only negative effects that i've noticed is that i tend to eat more junk food when i'm smoking weed. holy crap thats bad isnt it. marijuana kills brain cells? the lowest score i got on my standerized test was a 91. for my midterms and end of year tests for math and science, (I don't have SATs or anything like that because i was in 8th grade last year) my worst grade was an 86. and that's after smoking marijuana on a weekly basis. i'm going to say right now, and this is speaking from personal experience, marijuana is not addicting in the least bit. i can go a whole month without even thinking about smoking weed. so in conclusion, don't smoke cigs. they're not cool, smoking them won't get you laid, you don't get high, and your penis doesn't grow after smoking cigs, so what's the point? marijuana on the other hand, is ok IMO
  11. so if i wantd to sell say 1000 iron ores for 95k then i couldnt do that?

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