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  1. phileagles0

    Winter Holiday Event

    i used the word hunt as just a word to find and kill imps not to capture them
  2. phileagles0

    Winter Holiday Event

    i took out the part about the extra invintroy so now the sack when worn looks like your carrying a bag of toys
  3. phileagles0

    Winter Holiday Event

    thanks for the support and also congratz me. i just got 97 firemaking
  4. phileagles0

    Winter Holiday Event

    i didn't mean a santa hat like the rest of thoe 15mill hats. i meant one that looks different that can't be worn or traded. you can only give it to santa
  5. phileagles0

    Winter Holiday Event

    i had thought of a good idea for the holiday evetn this winter even though jagex probably has an idea already. anyway here it is. it starts with santa is at the wizard tower wearing the blue wizard robes. when you ask him about it, he say the he was there asking the wizard is there was a way to teleport gifts to everyone. when he was there those nasty imps stole his clothes rihgt off his back. and thats why he is wearing the wizard robes. for the event, you have to go throughout runescape and hunt imps. sometimes they might drop part of santas costume. also the imps could be wearing santa hats for the duration of the event. the peices of clothingthey could drop would be - santa hat, santa top, santa pants, santa's beard, and santa boots. when you collect them all and bring them to sata he thanks you and there is a cutscene of him changing from the wizard robes back to his clothes. then he rewards with a santa sack becasue mrs. clause was in a sewing mood and make him a whole bunch of sacks he didn't need. also the santa outfit you get form imps is unwearable for you. santa sack traits- sack is like a cape so it looks like your carrying a bag of toys. please give me your thoughts about this idea.
  6. phileagles0

    Players' Gallery

    woah, ancient dragon tottally copied. rest look good
  7. i like the look if the attack cape but i prefer the emote of the defence cape
  8. phileagles0

    Im For Runescape?

    all you do is log into funorb on chess or something so you see firend list and you never log out.
  9. phileagles0

    Smoking Computer

    o rly now seriously for me its april 1st still
  10. phileagles0

    Smoking Computer

    read just above my sig in top post. have a good april fools
  11. phileagles0

    Smoking Computer

    i never turn off my computer but i have a fan near it
  12. phileagles0

    Firemaking Calc

    underneat each calculator of each skills it explain what green and red mean which is what you can and cannot do. but on fireamking calc the green says it mean logs you can chop down and red is what you can't chop down. i bring this up becasue its firemaking and not woddcutting
  13. phileagles0

    Smoking Computer

    please help me my computer is smoking and i don't know what to do? its not lots of smoke just a tiny bit and i really need help. i've tried this thing called i slap floor but it doesn't seem to be working. please help what day is it today i forget? rearrange the letter in "i slap floor"
  14. phileagles0

    Chatting Online

    good suggestiong but couldn't the clan wars just go under clan chat. your idea would make the chat easier so i support but what if you don't know if your friend is on runescape or funorb
  15. phileagles0

    Friend/ignore Tab

    good idea only problem is people who have lots of firends might have problems talking with them since less space to show who is online

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