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  1. Dynamo

    Guess The Lyrics

    Macho Macho man, How i like to be a macho man.
  2. Dynamo

    Bad Pvp Update.. Oppionens?

    not every1 is aware of it, i stand by my disapointment still if they add new worlds i dont really think that rush u get from wildy will ever come back.. If you don't want to get PK'd while cutting m logs, don't go to a pvp world. Simple.
  3. Dynamo


    Totally worth it.
  4. Dynamo

    Redskins919's Store

    Good luck on the Store fellow clan member.
  5. Dynamo

    Item Lending.

    Wouldn't it just be easier for the person who has the item to just right click? Yes, but that'd be handing you results on a silver platter. That's sort of what JAGeX is trying to do, make it easier for players, but I wouldn't like it too easy. Or, you could just have an in-game timer. Like... a little box that says: Abyssal Whip: Return to owner in 2 hours 15 minutes Maybe I'll make a fake for it... Alright, I made a terribly simple fake of a timer. I suppose it could go somewhere on the screen, but it'd make the entire interface a clutter. Maybe your right click suggestion is better, but it'd take a lot more memory for the servers and may increase lag. Your fake would be good but where would it go? Maybe a little smaller in the top right hand corner or something, Anyways they should put SOMETHING in.
  6. Dynamo

    What Should I Do!

    Maybe get fletch up to 99 then show off you skillcape.
  7. Dynamo

    Item Lending.

    Wouldn't it just be easier for the person who has the item to just right click?
  8. Dynamo

    New Login Screen

    -10 for everything you had there. +2 for having Chuck Norris and Bob Saget in there. Your other "fake" was bad too, the one where you dropped a Obby shield on a ghoul bone....
  9. Dynamo

    Who Are You Rooting For In The Olympics?

    Micheal Phelps and the rest of the Usa.
  10. Dynamo

    Item Lending.

    In item lending we all know we get to keep that certain item for a certain amount of time. When you where busy doing slayer or something, ever wonder how much time you had left? I know i did. :) So i was thinking maybe Jagex could put in a right click option only available for lent out items To tell you how much time you had left. Just a Idea.
  11. Dynamo

    Ancient Legion 90+

    Might wanna update that. All your good members quit and both leaders quit.
  12. Dynamo

    Making Money In Members.

    Here's my stats. I would like something to kill that has big drops. I need money for a new whip.
  13. Dynamo

    20m Firemaking Xp

    Wow. 20 Mill in f2p! gratz
  14. Dynamo

    What Car Will You Drive?

    I'll Probably use my dad's 1993 Mercedes.
  15. Dynamo

    Beijing 2008 Olympics

    Phelps world record and another gold medal for USA.

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