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  1. magicplaya30

    Good Place To Woodcut And Fm

    The willows by the crafting guild are almost always empty and their is plenty of room for burning
  2. magicplaya30


    At the ge and noticed i had 2 heads lol. Has this happened 2 ne1 else?
  3. magicplaya30

    Fog Gloves

    I've been training my runecrafting lately so i went and played fog for a while and got over 150 tokens so i could buy 2 air gloves. Problem is you can only have one pair at a time so, when i got done with the first k of ess i had to go get the other gloves. It was quite annoying having to tele to varrock, run to fog, buy the gloves again, and tele 2 fally. I thought about it and you should be able to add charges to the gloves this is my first suggestion so if i did ne thing wrong my bad
  4. magicplaya30


    Is there a safe spot to range elvarg?
  5. magicplaya30


    At wat lvl do u stop burning swordfish?
  6. magicplaya30

    Grand Exchange

    Lately ive noticed that the prices of merely useless items such as water talismans and bronze gaunts hav skyrocketed. Ive came up wit an idea of y this is happening. Someone is buyin those items at max price 4 a week or so. Once ppl see the price increase on the ge and ppl start buyin them for max price. The first buyer wuld then sell all of them item and make prolly a massive profit.
  7. magicplaya30

    F2p Alching?

    I used rune baxes. They cost quite a bit of money so alot of ppl dont buy em and u can buy on minimum. You dont lose much money (I think its like 15-20 gp every alch)
  8. magicplaya30

    Clan Damage

    I understand u. hes sayin that if the player does less damage than the clan combined but does more damage than ne of the other players in the clan individually who gets the drop the clan or the player
  9. magicplaya30


    alrite thanks
  10. magicplaya30


    Will you logout if u dont do ne thing while fishing? So can you afk fishing sorta?
  11. magicplaya30

    Money Making

    For non-members you could go to the store in port sarim and buy cheese and sell at ge for a 100 gp profit (cheese at store is 8 gp and at ge 108 gp)
  12. magicplaya30

    Price Of Mithril Ore

    hhmm i think ppl dont read previous posts well im positive its because of the update alot of prices hav ben goin down since the update such as addy ore(old price 1.2k-new price 1k) I think this will change soon tho seein as not as many ppl fight cockroaches ne more
  13. magicplaya30

    Price Of Mithril Ore

    Ya the cockroaches seem to drop mith ore quite frequently and the price has ben dropin ever since the update
  14. magicplaya30

    Big Eggs In Wild

    http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/9486/runescapeoc1.png Any thoughts?
  15. magicplaya30

    I Q U I T!

    I think 4nt450 meant go to a f2p server and have some fun. U obviously need to take a break for a while, but if u dont wanna do that then i suggest pest control or castle wars no matter wat ur previous reasons r seeing how u r unreasonable.

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