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  1. Peanuts

    Has Linux Finally Grown Up?

    Like earlofvarrock said, it's a built in feature of the OS, and really cant be modified, sorry
  2. HP Dv5t Notebook Intel C2D 2.26Ghz 3Gb DDR2 RAM NVIDIA 9600m GT 512Mb Vista Home Premium 32bit and all the rest >.<
  3. Peanuts

    Has Linux Finally Grown Up?

    The "cube" effect is not just a theme, it's part of a whole piece of software that probably can only be integrated into Linux from the way the OS was coded (im speculating). That applies to the rest of the UI as well, like how you can't slap a vista start menu bar on a Mac. Short answer : Nah, sorry ---- Interesting video though, i may burn a live CD with Ubuntu sometime just to check it out
  4. Peanuts


    definitely my all-time favorite RPG I mix it up between playing/modding Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Morrowind, all great games
  5. Peanuts

    Thinking About Getting A Laptop...

    HP is way to go if your serious about those higher end games. I've found it to be the best bang-for-buck when it comes to stability, performance etc. There's also other gaming notebooks out there, but i'd always go for a trusted brand over something else. anything below an 8600mGT wont do Oblivion justice(though other games should do fine), try for at least that, i'd recc. trying for a 9600m GT, like in this HP dv5t, which starts at ~600, which is a decent upgrade in GPU http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping...e%20performance there's other nice rigs that come with a Mobility 9800, but their prices go upwards of 1.5k -- If your just into Oblvion-esque games once in a while, go for an 8600M GT rig (or below if you wish) with some average specs across the board, or just look at what bob-sama recommended if your not much at all
  6. Peanuts

    Is This Laptop Good For Me?

    Oh okay, it should be fine then unless you want to run it super smooth on Hd RS, then i'd try to find a 512Mb GeForce, generally these will be the higher end GPU's anyway, so you won't have to go scavenging for the model -- That extra 256Mb of VRAM can help a lot, but for you, a 256 should be fine
  7. Peanuts

    Is This Laptop Good For Me?

    Can you find any specifics on which GPU it comes with, just a "256Mb GeForce" doesn't say much when you want to be gaming
  8. Peanuts

    Video Cards

    you can always start saving for a better gaming notebook though (8400GS is not bad). There's a nice group of notebooks that come equipped with a 9-series GeForce (9600M GT , 9800M GTS etc)
  9. I use a combo of 7-ZIP (for 7zip files and all the rest) and WinAce (for those pesky .ace files). I've yet to find a good solution for both formats.
  10. Peanuts

    Fallout 3

    Oh well, it's still called Fallout 3, and Beth bought the license, so it's really technically Fallout 3 ^_^ Oh man i love this game, i have restarted a few times, but am now on a level 4 Explosives/Melee character, 5 hours in. (using a slower leveling mod) anyone else find Explosives the funnest combat tactic of all? I love laying out mine traps in corners and drawing them into the traps with grenades. Ahh, so much fun
  11. Peanuts

    Call Of Duty 5 Beta Pc Only

    i tried to play, but got a weird crash upon startup, i think i'll go back to COD4 maybe ill try again later..
  12. Peanuts

    Call Of Duty 5 Beta Pc Only

    I downloaded it but where do I extract the files..? it should be a self-installer (.exe)
  13. Peanuts

    Diablo ~ What Realm Do You Play On?

    Meteorb and Cl / Fo Sorceresses actually make better MFers than a pure cold - Blizz , Sorceress, since you have that alternate tree when you run across immunes and also, you can do some pretty insane combos as well with a hybrid Sorc. (such as keep Chain Light on Left click, while spammin Frozen Orb at intervals, which since they have differing delays - can stack up great damage and become a great Mfing/Crowd control build ) i built both a Cl / Fo (Chain Light and Frozen Orb) and a Meteorb (so-so-twinked, they don't need really godly equips though to be good at MFing - NM is great if you can't get a hold of a torch, +charms, etc :) [which i never had, but i did fine] ) i'd definitely go for a Meteorb (the most common Sorc out there atm) , or a Cl/ Fo to mix it up a bit you really lose out by sticking to one tree if you hope on going into Hell (where MFing is at it's best :) )
  14. are you getting a blue screen with white text for a split-second before the restart (called a BSOD)?, if so, i'd try uninstalling any new hardware you might have installed recently, if overheating isn't the culprit
  15. Peanuts

    Diablo ~ What Realm Do You Play On?

    why doesn't it work? :) ~~~~ got level 30 today, and am at Normal Ancients i think i'll do a few Baal runs (by myself or an organized one), and then move onto NM :)

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