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  1. IceZ xP

    Complete Flash Map

    Forgot it, Sal's have no interest for it.
  2. IceZ xP

    My New Lastest Project =)

    I just start to learn, maybe later but for moment not really.But thank for the suggestion =)
  3. IceZ xP

    Board Stats

    What forum software are you using, and which version?
  4. Sorry, but whit invision free you can't have a "button" to change skin, "you are Css limited." Best regard, IceZ P.S : I suggest you to upgrade to zetaboards, www.s1.zetaboards.com
  5. IceZ xP

    Flash Platformer Problem

    Could I have you flash file, because I'm not sure is in that script.
  6. IceZ xP

    Gamemaker Ideas

    Game maker the free trial lol xP :lol: Learn flash
  7. IceZ xP

    Customizable Look On A Webpage

    That exaclty that, just a little script in php or javascript will change the Css of your website. Easy to do whit a tutorials.
  8. IceZ xP

    My New Lastest Project =)

    Flash Mp3 Player You can see it : Here Also, you can request one, just tell me the url of the sound, I Won't download sound! Best Regard, IceZ
  9. IceZ xP

    Christmas Theme Suggesstion

    I didn't made the banner, I made the Flash on the banner :(
  10. Whit the color of the website, make me a play, back, foward, reverse, whitout any background ? Sorry for bad english, Best regard IceZ
  11. IceZ xP

    Banner Snow Falling.

    Look my new one for salmoneus, A perfectly one =)... I think lol
  12. IceZ xP

    Christmas Theme

    My last project done in 30 sec =) for this web, You can see it : Here
  13. Hey, I created a flash banner for Christmas Theme, You can see it here : Here
  14. IceZ xP

    Complete Flash Map

    It is already done. Thank for the comment all =) I will do my best to improve it, but don't forgot, I just start to learn flash =( You can also post all your comment on my blog on Sal's Link : Here?
  15. IceZ xP

    Banner Snow Falling.

    This just a little request from my friend. Preview : Here.

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