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  1. Krad

    Highest F2p Total Lvl!

    i even had a 2 minute music from rs! =D
  2. Krad

    Highest F2p Total Lvl!

    thx! and wat about 1337? for l33tness? lol! =p that, and just the music they give ya is an achievement! =D
  3. Krad

    Highest F2p Total Lvl!

    tysm! and to think, beginning of last year, i was 1100 total -.-
  4. Krad

    1st 99 :p

    gratz on the nub 99 cook cape!
  5. Krad

    Don't You Wish Your Cooking Was High Like Mine?

    CONGRATZ BUDDY! u missed my gratz msg...lmao well... continue ur log cuttin to 99 like u oringinally had planned... >.> or even quest cape achieving! =p
  6. She used to look young, now she looks almost like a witch!
  7. Krad

    Penguin Agility

    is there a lvl when u stop failing at penguin agility course?
  8. Krad

    Why Dont Some Offences Expire?

    Do you think you could been hacked? That would explain alot. true... especially if u have any enemies tht kno how to hack.
  9. Krad

    Herblore Help

    i know, its just a random thread, with a side of poll for fun and anyones enjoyment for laughs, thats all -.-
  10. "though if you happen to get a Tarromin for instance, you shouldn't throw it away and rather bank it since yet again: Herbs don't grow on trees" they do grow on bushes for u! -.-
  11. wow... great guide on smithing!!! havent looked at the others, but i recently got 71 smithing, and some things on tht guide surprise me.
  12. Krad

    Adventurer's Log

    last time i checked, zezima hasnt done 5 quests...
  13. Krad

    Legacy Of Seergaze

    There is no such quickwalkthrough i that guide. so why have an empty link??
  14. Krad

    Typo In Quest

    The best option is route 1. Wield your Silver Sickle (b) and prepare to be ambushed. You will need to protect Ivan STORM as he will flee back to the hide-out if he is down to half health. The trick is to use the surrounding so the Vampire Juvinate cannot reach Ivan when you fight them. Ivan will follow you anywhere you go and you have a bit of time to find the right spot. This is one option the full caps word needs to be changed to Strom in the In Aid of Myreque quest.
  15. Krad

    Ardougne Achievement Diary

    is elite ardougne cloak really called ardougne cloak 3?? so tht means there are 2 ardougne cloak 3's??
  16. Its Tindal Marchant, not Tindal Merchant. Also, there is no "the" in "Hunt for Raktuber" quest.
  17. Krad

    Ankou Safe-spot?

    is there such thing in stronghold dungeon? if so, lemme kno!
  18. The sals guide doesnt say what you need and how many u need to create a swordchick... how do u create it?? feathers/eggs/swordfish (cooked or raw)/etc/etc??? and how many too? =p
  19. Gift cards, first of all, u can buy not only at Target, but at: Walmart and 7-Eleven as well, from what I've read on runescape and seen at walmart. Castle Wars... u forgot to mention that Castle Wars can only be played on a designated world, same with Pest Control.
  20. Krad

    99 Wood Pwnage Please?

    awesome... u got 99 cooking and 99 wc'ing, but not even 99 firemaking or fletching with all that wood u got?? =O
  21. Krad


    firemake in port phasmatys. it always seems to be empty there =]
  22. Krad

    Summoning Charms

    sweet! thanks roy! =]
  23. Krad

    Summoning Charms

    if so, where?? i know there isnt one on runescape.com. so is there one on sal's?

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