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  1. Krad
    66 Hunting for spottier cape-Check!
    1k total lvls-Check!
    Goblin saga-Not quite yet!
    Gnome Saga-Not quite yet!
    All Stats in Hi Scores-Not quite yet!
    Hmmmm....I've got quite a ways to go... but only a few more quests left for the Goblin Saga! =p
    And from what I observed... the Gnome one might take awhile... =(
    All stats in Hi scores.... Str will be the hardest to get into that area...
    As for mini-goals...
    -I'd like to get 50 Strength, which is what I'm focusing on, with Slayer against the Lesser of Wizards' Tower for barb fishing those Swordfish!
    -Hunter I'll jump to every once in awhile, because I find it fun and want that to be one of my first 99's
    -Same goes for fishing, that i said about hunter, since I do enjoy fishing, compared to most skills. Very profitable, just like the Hunter skill is!
    -And I wanna be able to join every guild, just to be able to for that reason only!
    -to be able to use spirit trees! I'd like to get around easier
    -AND last, but definitly not least!-- to be able to use fairy rings, and freak out ppl by being in unicorn cage! =p
  2. Krad
    Today, I'm going to raise as much money as i possibly can by fishing lobbies all day from 10am -7GMT to late nite to re-do my house in construction to make it seem more interesting and fun. , Especially since I'm racing against German Shmoe, his Agility to my Construction, which he had a 2 lvl lead when we started the race. =p
    Also, in other news, other goals of mine would be to finish the varrock achievement diaries, which include Ichtlarin's Little Helper, which seemed so annoying when i tried to start it. =( I *ALMOST* died at the beginning with walls and stuff... manage to survive by a few hp's.
    Well, tata for now, and thank you for reading my first blog! :glasses:

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