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  1. Gee

    Random Fun Memories

    Oh man I love going back here from time to time. I don't really post (I didn't even post a lot when I was active), but I always felt so alive looking/lurking through the forums. Lots of familiar faces in this topic. Doubt anyone remembers me from the good ol' days though. I loved the random conversations in the Sals CC, times when people in the CC would just hang out n' stuff. Looking at skill logs, making sigs on photoshop, reading some blogs (I remember reading Sofee's I think before? haha) jeez I teared up a little tbh. And my first warning was from Egghebrecht.....almost 10 years ago?? Damn time flies
  2. Gee

    Active Sals Members

    Jeez. The last time I was online was four years ago. Surprised my account even works. Even then, most of the stuff I did was lurk. Damn I missed this place. So many memories, people. The activity. Like, it blew my mind how one game brought so many people together in this one forum. But now, it's just...so empty. So depressing :(. One of my favorite users here, Wiltingplant, apparently quit last year. Going on the clan chat in RS it was mostly empty. I miss the community. 2007 didn't seem like 9 years ago at all. 9 freaking years. Time flies so fast you don't even realize it. I guess most of us grew up? Idk. Hell, I was just a kid at the time. Damn. Looking through these forums are like looking at a museum now. Wish I could timetravel. haha.
  3. Hi everyone! I just wanted to see how much Runescape and Sal's has changed since I left for awhile...And I can see that it has changed a lot. Coincidentally, it's been exactly 5 years and a day (or 5 years for some people) since I've joined Sal's :D. I didn't even know it had been 5 years until checked my profile :P! ... So how is everyone...? :)
  4. Gee

    What happened?

    Right now I only have 4.5m, and by skills: att 74, str 80, def 74
  5. Gee

    What happened?

    Hi Sals, I am starting to slowly play RS again! I haven't played since 2009 I think, and I could really use some answers to these questions: Why are some items so cheap now? Like the whip. It was around 3.2m when i left, and guthan's was around 15m, and a godsword was like 10-20m+. Now, a whips only 450K, and guthan's is only 3.2m now? And the cheapest godsword is less then 10m now? I'm really surprised... What would be good armor/weapons for me to wield these days? My previous set-up was helm of neit., rune plate, rune legs, d scimmy, d boots, and obsidian cape, glory ammy, and obsidian shield. Username is iGeenius. Thanks! :)
  6. Gee

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Hey everyone, just wanna ask a quick question about Nazi Zombies.... In Kino Der Toten, should I go to the theater through the foyer or through the alley? I read some guides and they say different things... Thanks to anyone who answers!
  7. yeah, I've tried, but it's still the same...:|
  8. It's just RS I think. I tried playing other Java games and they were just fine.
  9. Hi there. I started playing RS again yesterday, after a long break, but the screen is all messed up. Even after I log in the interface looks weird. I use a Intel Mac Tiger. I think Java is updated. Image: Please help
  10. Gee

    Rip The Famous Ones

    RIP Kurt Cobain
  11. Gee

    Members ;)

    Anyway IM back to members for around 3 months I wanna earn around 10m in that time, 20 if possible. I have 5m, no armor or weapons, and currently hunting red chins. ONly got 1 hour every day of free time and a few hours on weekends . Any money making suggestions?
  12. Gee


    I have two: Globe Sun Cellular
  13. Gee

    Lucid Dreaming...

    Thanks Anorectic for the links...I'll check it out and see how it goes...I still can't get the hang of LDing...
  14. I laughed hard when I saw this. Maybe he misunderstood?
  15. I have this USB and it's 1GB, but it only has 90MB left, but I didn't put any files in it. So how do I erase and reformat this on a Mac, and still keep it compatible for both Mac and PC?

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