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  1. Skullshogun

    The ADHD is Real...

    Well, to anyone reading this, welcome welcome! I've been a long time Runescape player and have, for better or worse, stuck with RS3/ since its release. I go in spurts. I get distracted by life, and hyper focus on things. Inevitably I take a turn right back to Runescape. Something about its nostalgia + its ADHD Capable gaming system keeps me coming back to waste my time (I mean, I believe all video games are in many ways a waste of time, doesn't keep me from playing them a helluva lot). I got back into it once the significant other got kicked outa the picture, and strangely have been doing much better ><. I used to have no level 99 skills and now I have 5... Ive always just spread out my time on all skills because I get too bored grinding one. But for some reason I was finally able to grind out a few lol. I finished Plagues End and Birthright of Dwarves.. got Imcando Mattock and Pickaxe (working towards Earth and Song since mining is already 99). Honestly most of what was made easier was because Priff opened up to me... made things so much easier to grind on certain skills. Finally have money, to where 6-7mil isnt "a lot of gold" to me anymore lol. (Managed Luck of the Dwarves, Grace of the Elves, and a few other middle-highend items) I remember the days when just getting a regular ole Rune Platebody was worth more than most of my bank... Just glad I can finally be on the upper-ish end of capability lol. Total Level 2468 99: Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Divination. So, just kinda an update. Ive been at home mostly, taking online classes and jobless (i hate that last part honestly) so all I Have to do is randomly grind on Runescape lololoololooool Wave2:glow2: Selling Rune Ess 20 Each (psych)
  2. Skullshogun

    Getting Back Into Things

    I remember those days man rofl. I never was the merchant type. I mostly just high alched bows for money, or made Runes since I could do laws and sometimes Deaths (that quest was a sonovagun if I recall). I used to run the abyss on smaller servers at night lol. Thats what im up to now too :P. Im Abyss running some Laws so i can power crank my Mage from 39 to 55 for high alchemy. Thats my money maker :P
  3. Skullshogun

    Getting Back Into Things

    so, im just getting back into the swing of Runescape. I made a post earlier on the general forum hoping some people can give some advice since it's been a while since I've played! Ive been alot happier this go around. Though my stats are nowhere close to where they were as a whole... I got Runecrafting up to 58, because the runespan did not exist when i played last! much much easier to power level, just dont get the GP from the runes, but im ok with this because its alot easier to just auto random stuff in the runespan. I only got 1 month of membership, so i bought 1K pure ess to turn into Laws and Nature runes while I can since im a high enough level for both now. Im going to focus on law runes this go around to get my mage up easily from 39 where its at. Just enough to get to high alchemy! I miss being able to high alch Yew Longbows. Too bad im only 51 Fletching atm :( Prices have changed so much. Flax alone used to cost waaaay more than 10GP from what I remember. Now I can buy it and make bowstrings instead of plucking them myself! 2Mil so far saved up. Already 1/3 of the way to the small amount of wealth I had on my old acount lol. But, I did have expensive items in my bank and items from high level quests i miss. :( I Remember doing Barrows and getting a few Torag pieces before I had to stop playing originally. 860 on my total level, im just trying to level everything up towards 50. Power leveling Fletching and got to 54, using that to do maple bows, bought 5K of them to make into bows... Then Ill string them up as best I can before I run out of membership to make as much money as possible! I already went from 1.2Mil to about 2.2Mil since becoming a member. I know it doesnt sound like alot, but realize I dont have any skills above 60 atm! lol Anyways, im having fun, its taking up all my depressing empty time for the moment.
  4. Skullshogun

    IM BACK!

    Well guys, I know not many of you would know of would have remembered me, but I was a long time Runescaper back when RS2 was brand new, and Classic was available to members (Back when the fee was $5 flat per month!) I honestly couldnt tell you how many years its been. I tried to come back a few years ago on my high level account (nothing crazy, i didnt have any 99s, but I had above 50-60 in all skills, 70s and 80s in some) So much has changed! I was a member before I quit playing regularly in college. So I have ALOT of items both members and f2p. And when I got back (of course I had canceled my subscription long ago) I was wearing all members gear, had about 4Mil in the bank, and too many items so I couldnt deposit anything and put on appropriate gear. That combined with the combat system changing (I didnt read up, I just wanted to play!) caused me to stop again. So finally, when I recovered an old mining pure I created for myself back in the day (lolol), It had been reset, and the name was no longer available. So I had to change my name. But curiously enough, I lost all my stats, except I had about 3 quests already done? So I relearned the combat system as I leveled up basically from square one (minus the tutorials, im not sure how it got passed that part if all my other skills had been reset, as well as my bank). Now im back in the game! This time around I remembered all the little things I had learned when i was coming up and in 2 months have over 50 in 9 skills, and have about 1.5mil in the bank. But there are still a few things that I dont know! I have no clue how to start construction for one! I got one month membership and i forgot how to start! I have 300 protean planks but I dont want to use them until Ive gotten construction up a few levels. I also am not totally sure what would be useful out of divination. Ive seen some pretty neat items to make, but what are the more sought after divination items? I only have 15 in that, but Its been pretty easy leveling to 40s in just about any skill for me. And I forgot how to start hunting! I used to be able to hunt chins but its been so long I have noooo clue where to begin! Im only 46 in combat, ive been focusing on skills. Lastly, does anyone have any advice for someone who isnt used to the ways of getting XP that werent in RS2? Thanks for any help guys! I got to 58 runecraft today and feeling accomplished.
  5. Skullshogun

    Money Making Maths

    Honestly, my info may be outdated, but if not much has changed, the way I used to make money was fletching. I only got up to magic shorts, but my WC is too low to make use of that. Just make long/shield bows (strung and all, like 1Kish) and make the same amount of nature runes, get yourself a fire staff and high alchemy them. Takes no combat and basically no risk, just tedious work. With High WC it shouldnt be a problem. I still make money that way on my low level account on 07scape too (and have tried it on RS3 still works just the same). At least in my opinion its one of the easier ways to make some money. Its not dependent on the market, its all just stuff you can do yourself. Just be sure if you go this route to string your bows because theyre worth a lot more high alched strung. Its only worth it for Yews and up. Yew longs/shields 768 gp and magic long/shieldbows 1536 each. Just remember my info is dated. Its not the best mathod, but at least in my opinion, its often the easiest if you dont want to pay attention when youre doing it. For example: Im at work. IF i wanted to make money id WC and fletch just because i could click a tree and leave it be for a bit or if a customer is in here have him finish off cutting the tree till i can get back to it.
  6. Skullshogun

    It's Been A While!

    I dont remember names at all, but if you were here years ago you are probably my gen of runescape player lol. Welllcome baack!
  7. Skullshogun

    PoPo (not no DBZ)

    haha, sorry I guess I left that out. I got there in time to walk to the gas station next door, pick up a pair of monster Rehab drinks, and still be 2 minutes early ;)
  8. Skullshogun

    Well Dagg

    It was lagging on 07Scape too actually. Didnt notice it so much with WCing, it would lag a log or two without sound, and catch up in a split sec. It used to do that before too, but I was on a server with less then 200 people XD (and in my country of course). I did get to play though... I got to WC 48, 44 fletching I believe? Gained like 10 levels in WCing just yesterday and I think almost the same in fletching, maybe a little less. I also got to 30 mining (yay pure ess), and finally got some dang GP... I had like 1K in my bank and some kind stranger gave me 80K to help me out (so I could buy a rune axe for Wcing and whatnot). And made about 20K myself in strung bows (sold to archery shop in varrock. Hey, even oak and willow bows are worth SOMETHING lolol) I had fun at least.
  9. Skullshogun

    PoPo (not no DBZ)

    lol I thought so too :P and yeah, Im pretty sure there was a car a little ways further up the bridge with flashers on that was his... but it was kinda facing the OPPOSITE direction of traffic... in a shoulder that was just as wide as the car itself (smushed against the retainer wall basically, without touching it, but no body could get out driver side). If I had been a little slower at hitting the breaks I could have smashed into it, It was down from a bend Couldnt see it till i got closer. Yay for other people's stupidity!
  10. Skullshogun

    PoPo (not no DBZ)

    curved bridge by the Cube Mall that is Dutch. On the River that has bushes.
  11. Skullshogun

    PoPo (not no DBZ)

    Pretty sure I just narrowly avoided a ticket. Was on my way to work, it was 9:50, had to be here at 10:00. I was kiiinda speeding, going 70ish in a 60. I see blue lights, pull over, he pulls behind me (never changed lanes or anything so i assumed it was for me in the right lane). Suddenly, he notices this random person on FOOT on this bridge section of the highway about 20 feet in front of me. He proceeds, still with his flashers, to pass right in front of me, completely ignore me (though he originally DID stop briefly behind me, pretty sure he didn't see the pedestrian till he had stopped) and instead went to talk to the pedestrian guy and didn't even look at me. SoOo, of course I dont bother waiting and just left, didn't wanna be late! LOL. SoOo Lucky and SooOo Glad. Sat there going "shizna, the popo! *pull over* wait... is that someone WALKING?" Cop I guess thought the same thing and figured "I wonder why this guy was speed--- Who the hell is this sketchball walking on a narrow shoulder? He could cause an accident..." And got a lil ADD like me hahah! Its illegal to speed... but its also illegal to walk along a highway/interstate, and the bridge was like the worst place to be caught doing it, lucky for meeee~ ROFL
  12. Skullshogun

    Texas teen kills 4 gets off with 10 years probation.

    WOW, heated discussion since last I checked... All I mean is that if you send away a kid for a stupid mistake at 16, for 20 years, hell be 36 when he gets out, and he will probably never contribute in a positive fashion to society. The difference here is that its a killing due to alcohol vs an intentional murder or something of that nature. Intent changes the game completely if it can be proven. And its pretty much always NOT your intent to kill someone if you're driving drunk, but it IS illegal, dangerous, and stupid. He didn't intentionally slam into cars. If he just straight up beemed like 3-4 cars sober he might actually get some time for it. I'm not here to really argue weather or not he deserves to be punished more for it. Im just saying from the judges perspective he took the lesser of two evils. Juvi court always tries to do whats best for both society and the juvenile involved. The goal of Juvi court is to punish the minor, but also to straighten them out before they hit the 18 year mark of adulthood and give them a second chance to have a life. When you are young sometimes you dont realize the severity of your actions and how your stupidity can affect those around you (in this case physically). And the Judges job is to call it as he sees it. Does he see a young teen who had malicious intent like someone who maybe...lets say this other person lived in the projects and is being charged with assault and battery because he went with 3 buddies and jumped a guy they knew who maybe they didn't like. In THAT Case A judges best call would be to give them some time (not gonna say tried as an adult or any of that crap for the sake of example). In this case YES, the kid was stupid, YES it resulted in the loss of life, BUT, he did not go drinking to kill someone. And in this case the judge picked his verdict because he believes the kid is worth trying to save. The kid needs help for sure. Im not saying "oh that means its ok he killed those people" by ANY means, and I believe that he will have that with him for the rest of his life. Something like that is not something you can just shake off and forget about for most people. This is a pivotal moment in a young person's life, and the legal systems know, often times if you give the youngin' what feels like "a second chance" they tend to straighten out for the most part after that because they know they will not get the chance again. Is it fair, especially to those who are gone now? No, most would say it is not. But sometimes you have to weigh the options, and look at the overall outcome. Its pretty well known that those who go into jail/prison often end up being BETTER at being A CRIMINAL then when they went in in the first place. For those people its a vicious cycle. Go to jail, learn, get out, use that knowledge, get caught again, learn more etcetc. Once you put someone in the cycle, theres no getting out. Judges and cops know this. Its not always the case, but for most repeat offenders it definitely is. You put a dude in jail from 16-36, you got 20 years of criminal knowledge, and someone whose 36 and literally has nothing to lose at that point. Just saying, but TECHNICALLY the Government tries to rehabilitate every inmate to "function in normal society". It didn't use to be the case until we hit the modern era. The ultimate goal is to make the person know they did wrong, BUT its also to keep them from doing wrong again. Yet they know that a good percentage of inmates are indeed repeat offenders, and so the system that SHOULD work, doesn't always. So I think for THAT reason the judge opted on the alternative to be a more effective means to actually "rehabilitate". And in my opinion, in that respect he did his job. We don't get all the details, but just from what Ive seen, I can't imagine the kid is gonna get much of a leash to do anything, but as he gets older, he will learn the severity of what he has done, and how lucky he got off, and appreciate the judges decision, and use the opportunity the judge gave him to better himself and his life. THAT is the ultimate goal. Who knows, it may ACTUALLY work... ORRR.... he'll just continue on his destructive path 10x faster and drive into a tree going 100MPH, so wasted he could strip paint with his breath...
  13. Skullshogun

    Texas teen kills 4 gets off with 10 years probation.

    Wow.. REad this article and wondered... I mean... I understand the Judge's reasoning behind it. 1) hes a minor and tried in Juvenile court as the King said... 2) He didnt get off scott free by any means.. SHOULD he have gotten more? DEFINITELY... i mean... 4 people are DEAD... But you got to look at it from the judges perspective. Hes 16 years old, and sending him to jail for 20 years at THAT age would mean he would be developmentally messed up as an adult. Jail/prison changes people, but when its a 16 year old who has yet to find a true "self identity" and make 2Cents of the world, It would mean him coming out would be no help to anyone. It doesn't better the kids life to have him locked up for literally over half of it. Someone put in jail that long, at that age, will have a vendetta too. You can't stick a kid that age in jail for 20 years... I kinda feel like the judge did as best he could tbh. There are going to be 10 years that kid can't do anything without the government knowing. He has to go to treatment facility regularly, and is CUT OFF from his parents. That means he wont have money, he wont have access to anything that the government doesnt get him. Hes definitely not old enough yet to live on his own without financial assistance. At some point he will be, but he will have a probation officer. He will likely be drug tested and for a long while monitored and made sure that he can't get any more alcohol, Likely part of the terms of his probation. IS this the best punishment in the eyes of the victims? No. And anyone in that position would think so. From that perspective I don't think it was enough. But from the other side, I understand he made a HUGE mistake, but if you stick someone in a cell for more time then they've spent on the outside, at the age of 36-37 on release, you have a person who has no idea how to function in the outside world and will have been around potentially violent and dangerous criminals for 20 years. So you'll get one of two results. 1) a very angry violent criminal who was learned how to be a good criminal via the prison, or 2) You get a shutin, someone who once he leaves the jail/prison, IF they can find a place to stay and a job will likely always remain in their home alone besides work and other necessities just because thats all they know. (and not just that, but being only 16 years old also means he probably doesn't realize the severity of the situation, and likely wont until a friend of his or close family member dies). Im not saying he didn't deserve MORE then he got. But I think the judge had to take into consideration more then just the fact he killed 4 people. I think that if he went with the probation that he better be mandating a very strict probation officer and maybe if he had forced the parents to take monetary responsibility for the victims? They WERE well off after all..
  14. Skullshogun

    Well Dagg

    unfortunately Just what I thought would happen did... I recently started to play RS3 again, as per my other blog entries... I started divination got to 33 in it, and noticed potential for crafting with it. Transmute 3 iron into 1 silver, transmute 3 silver into 1 gold... Iron is easy to mine, Im lvl 80 mining. Silver and Gold are pretty easy too, but the locations are not as good, only mining at the crafting guild would be consistent enough. But its kinda far from a bank... I figured I could just mine a BuuUuunch of iron, like lets say to start 3K. Then you transmute that into 1K silver, and then into 300ish gold. MAYBE inefficient, but only if you dont collect all the weavable dreams. beforehand lol. Should only take 1K of those... Idk if this is efficient at all, but i figured its faster to mine iron then it is to mine silver or gold, and having to mine so much more of it also means more mining exp over all. I have also used the coal carts since they updated them. I remember when only like 4 loads fit into it, I sat there for quite a while until I discovered mine was 196 when full XD. Freaked me out at first too when i didn't have to MANUALLY fill the coal trucks lol. I got 196+28 coal last night XD Didn't think the cart would hold that much so didnt think id be there that long ROFL. half an hour maybe ish on that? ANyways, the problem though... is that my old arse laptop ive had since 2008 does not have what is considered a decent processor anymore... So, RS3 loads to the "Play!" page with the worlds menu, I log in, saw one still shot of the screen, and got logged out about 30 seconds after logging in. Not enough minerals to play this game :\ So, guess thats what RSOS/07Scape is for, THAT will indeed load just fine :P
  15. Skullshogun

    Hmm... maybe something to this...(Screens)

    wow lol. They left the god Wars Dungeon? I remember that... it had ridiculously strong monsters you could never hope to solo for very long LOL. Yeah... the GE was in it a little later... even just the old version that had like 2 bank/exchange stations would help ALOT. SOMETHING... There cant be too many items on those servers still.... someone has to kill monsters for some of that stuff like D. armor and certain weapons.. i cant image there are too many to begin with, but the GE just made it convenient as far as dont gotta meet nobody to trade. Just pop in your money or goods and done.

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