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  1. Tykiller777

    Livid Farm

    Geez, this farm is livid about something...
  2. Tykiller777

    Congratulations To...

    Gratz, all *counts "1...2...3..."* 32 of you! You all deserve it. ^^
  3. Tykiller777

    A Clockwork Syringe

    "Enemy care package on the way." Wow...looks like there's some CoD: BO fans in Jagex...Just what we need.
  4. Tykiller777

    Runescape Clans Announcement

    0_o *faints*
  5. A very nice bundle of updates this week. I'm impressed. Especially about the Ring of Wealth.
  6. Tykiller777

    Elemental Workshop Iv

    A "Keyblade"...Well, THAT'S not stolen from anything...-_-
  7. Tykiller777

    Behind The Scenes - March

    Ah, Smithing. One of my favorite skills. 'course, I haven't used it in forever, but maybe after the update, I'll give it a try. :D
  8. Tykiller777

    Prisoner Of Glouphrie

    I read the math section of the quest guide, and my brain exploded. I guess trying this quest after a morning of College Algebra was stupid to try. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find my high-pressure water hose to get the brain matter off of my walls...-_-
  9. I sense that the ash update will be the cause of many an imp's death...oh well! *goes imp ganking*
  10. Ah. I see. This makes things MUCH clearer. Thanks. :D
  11. Tykiller777

    Prisoner Of Glouphrie And Gnome Graphical Rework

    So, in short, this new update is: New quest. New gnomes. New filter options. New worlds for members. Cool.
  12. That's the bare minimum you have to have to go with these guys.
  13. Tykiller777

    New Signature Rules!

    Wewt! Now we can have........slightly bigger sigs! *leaves his alone*
  14. Tykiller777

    Behind The Scenes - February

    Cool. Now demons can actually drop something cool for once, instead of lame ashes.
  15. Tykiller777

    The Wilderness And Free Trade Return!

    Meh. That's all. Just...meh. Don't like PvP, and Free Trade just opens the door to RWT...

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