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  1. DerekJ

    Treasure Trail Db

    Co-ordinate clue: 19° 45' North, 25° 7' East. Located west of the clan wars arena and south of the red dragon isle, near the Chaos Dwarves camp. Exact location here.
  2. DerekJ

    Treasure Trails

    I got a clue that reads: 19 degrees, 43 minutes north 25 degrees, 7 minutes east And the problem is that Ive gone on either side of the clan wars area and my "degrees east" has been either too high or too low, so the area is in the arena. Except I can't enter the portal into the arena because I am not having a clan fight. I am just doing a clue scroll not a clan fight.
  3. DerekJ

    Legend's Quest Not Complete..? - Lock

    Yeap. All four times or how ever many times he trains you. Edit: Okay, I talked to him again while he was in the hut and then the confirmation message for beating it popped up. o.o Weird.
  4. I beat the legends quest but it is still highlighted as yellow. The last part of the notes for the quest says "Radimus Erkle helped me train my skills for completing the Legend's Quest. I also have access to the Legend's Guild and its facilities." Like, what the hell? It even says I beat the quest in the notes.
  5. DerekJ

    The Giant Dwarf

    I'd like to mention that "items required" should include "redberry pie". I am doing the quest rigfht now, and had I known that I needed a redberry pie it could have saved me 20 minutes or so.
  6. DerekJ

    Mage+melee=great Weapon

    A neat idea. Rangers are overpowered right now anyway, with all dem bolts and plated crossbows.
  7. DerekJ

    Trade Calculator

    Would definately help people with lag. <_< Also, opening up the Windows Calculator averts your computers focus from the Java Applet. Having tools in-game would really help.
  8. DerekJ

    Improvements / Additions

    How? =/ What about people who are killing high level monsters and need to switch quickly and such? Or PKers? They are automatically labelled as lazy then. It'd just more convenient to have.
  9. DerekJ

    Improvements / Additions

    I thought they had the same drop rate but people just like Legs better.... =/
  10. (http://runescape.salmoneus.net/Mogres.html) "Chocolate Dust: Use a Chocolate Bar with a pestle and mortar - Chocolate can be found in the Cook's Guild, bought from the Port Sarim grocery store, or bought from Culinaromancers' chest." You can also use a knife, as well as a pestle and mortar, with chocolate bars in order to create chocolate dust.
  11. I have a few suggestions for RuneScape. I have posted this, or something similar to it anyway, probably 3 times on the official RS Forums, bumping it pretty well all day, then waking up the next morning and it is gone. So I figure that there s more of a chance of it surviving on this forum than on the official forums which are flooded with "Dragon Wings" and "White Dragonhide" and such. I will update this post whenever new ideas come to me. 1- scam, key Something has come to my attention, regarding scamming. The key obtained during the Shield of Arrav quest is being sold for ridiculously high prices ("Weapon Store Key"). An inevitable solution to this is to make the key tradable ONLY if both traders are currently participating in the Shield of Arrav quest, and only at the part of the quest that it is needed. 2- cows, craft guild The cows in the pen beside the Crafting Guild are being killed by anybody who desires to walk in there and just get their hides (probably for selling). I, however, see thee cows as property of the Crafting Guild (especially since there is a Tanner upstairs) and that the cows should be an earned privelage. 3- attack styles, new method I think that attack styles should be remembered individually. Instead of remembering whether or not you were using aggressive or accurate attack styles, it should remember what style you prefer to use for every type of weapon. For instance: Perhaps you like to use Accurate whenever you use the Abyssal Whip, but Aggressive Slash whenever you use a Scimitar. When switching from whip to scimitar, it should keep the respective preference. Also, implimenting this idea into staves would be neat - with a priority system. Example: If you have the required runes (except air for air staff) to use Fire Wave, then you use fire wave when equipting an air staff. However, if you don't have the runes, it uses whichever else you want (I.E. Aggressive Crush). This would be hard to do in-game, so perhaps a pop-up box like in the equiptment screen could come up and have a list of weapons, such as Scimitar, and Staff. After clicking Staff there would be a sub-menu: Air, Water, Fire etc. Then after selecting the staff would be the list of spells which are able to be casted using that staff with the required runes. Then a priority system could be implimented using check boxes or something like that; simple Javascript or something. Just a thought which would be cool. 4- chainmail leggings In my eyes, there have been a lower-class and and upper-class for armour. Large Helm/Medium Helm, Chainmail Body/Plate Body and Square Shield/Kite Shield. However, Leg Armour is alone in this seemingly systematic structure for armour. I say, add chainmail leggings. It's not as if they had never historically existed, and it would just add a sense of completion and also be semi-tactical; more resistant to Crush attacks than Platemail is. 5- legs, skirt What ever happened to the guy in the back-alleys of Varrock from RSC, who would change your skirts into legs and vice-versa? Let's introroduce a scenario: I am fighting steel dragons for hours and hours, using a lot of food and time, until finally - one of them drops a Dragon Plateskirt. But oh, wait... it may just be me, but I am not the kind of guy who fancies wearing skirts. This would just make things much more convenient. Of course the economy considering Dragon Skirts and Legs would be shaky for a while, but after this has been fully initiatied and familiarized with everybody, Plateskirts and Platelegs would cost the same price in the Player Market. 6- bank booths There isn't a bank booth in every bank. What's with that? All I can say, really.
  12. Wow, I was actually a member before the Big Move. o.o Congratulations, Slams.
  13. DerekJ

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations, guys. =)
  14. DerekJ

    Behind The Scenes - November

    Yeah, but they announced those before they started doing monthly "behind the scenes" posts. Hunting will come out this month.
  15. DerekJ

    Halloween Event - For All Players!

    Yeah that's exactly how I feel. ;-; I feel that holiday events are more or less a keepsake of how long you've been playing. I won't be able to get these until next Wednesday. ;-;

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