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  1. HEYYY read your inbox if you ever see this!!

  2. Mining Monk7

    Holy Crap Adelais Is Recruiting You!

    COOL CAN I INTRO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. First off, Happy New Years Eve Sals! Like always, Team Relentless was looking for wars and TKO happened to accept. We agree on the following rules~ [-]Matched Opt [-]Classic Arena [-]Binds + Melee Only [-]No Rings [-]No Infinity Run [-]Team Relentless Attacks [-]30 Minutes Prepare = Start @ 7:03 EST. haha lol at :03. Starting Opts: Team Relentless: 17 (cut 7) TKO: 10 So it was bascially a 10v10. Ending Opts: Team Relentless:6(some noobs with internets from africa disconnected) TKO:0 Goodfight Tko, better luck next time. and thankssss to team relentless for winning <3! Pictures.
  4. Mining Monk7

    Chase And Raiiin's Sig Shop. +dabmasta

    ^ Hey i'm looking for a transparent sig with a picture of hello kitty and the text "flipaneese" Text if any:fLipaneeSe Style (grunge, ect): Render (would be better if transparent):http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2006/09/01/0000432319/PinkHelloKitty.jpg Size (standard is 350 x 100) :medium size Font:any Border?:no Extras?:can u make it transparent Colour(s)?:pink and purple :] how i want it to look... (hello kitty pic)flipaneese(hello kitty pic)
  5. Interested? Our Memberlist is http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ppk_reborn . Join #PPK@@@ and private message a operator(+op) the rules we would like is 30minutes-1hour Prep. All Styles. 1 Hour Fight. Team/Clan with most kills win. Fight in Turrets. Inf Run - yes or no (we don't care). Rings Allowed. Runecrafting Staff Allowed. Team/Clan that pulls more in the start attacks. Memberlist Allowed Only. We are willing to change rules, go into #PPK@@@ to discuss. Thanks.
  6. Mining Monk7

    Ch-l Sig Shop [4/3 Slots Taken] [frozen]

    Avatar or Signature - Sig Text - Team Relentless Render OR stock(link please?) http://media.photobucket.com/image/hello%2..._Kitty.jpg?o=11 Background color -pink and purple Any animation? (yes or no) no What do you want animated? no Size: 150x400 Special Needs: Matching Avatar that says TR thanks in advance
  7. Mining Monk7

    Chase And Raiiin's Sig Shop. +dabmasta

    Text if any:"fLipaneeSe" and the bottom right corner... "I love Edward Cullen" top left corner Style (grunge, ect):anything you think will look cool. Render (would be better if transparent):http://www.filmgrenade.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/new-twilight-images-of-bella-and-edward12.jpg Size (standard is 350 x 100) :400 x 150 Font:anything Border?:yes Extras?:anything else you think would look cool on it Colour(s)?:pink and purple Thanks in advance!
  8. Mining Monk7

    Chase And Raiiin's Sig Shop. +dabmasta

    ty! and here's the zebra print.
  9. Mining Monk7

    Gow Vs Kts

    Grats Gow
  10. Mining Monk7

    Ubh's Quick Night Out

    nice ubh
  11. Mining Monk7

    Fox And Storm's Professional Underbanners

    sorry forgot to make it clear; for the staff can you put a air staff and a maple shortbow :] Okai. Here's order 1 [img=http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/7141/foxsbanner2ij9.gif] And here's order 3. [img=http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/5456/foxsbanner3hv4.gif] [p][/p] Enjoy! ~Storm Btw Fox you better hurry up & work on order 2 ^_^ for order #3 it's doesn't work o,o
  12. Mining Monk7

    Chase And Raiiin's Sig Shop. +dabmasta

    Ill get right on them ^_^ Edit: Heres one: Sorry if its not the type you wanted as you forgot to say what style so I just did grunge. Also thought it needed a border so: oo thats nice! for the background color can u make it pink instead of green? :)
  13. Mining Monk7

    Fox And Storm's Professional Underbanners

    sorry forgot to make it clear; for the staff can you put a air staff and a maple shortbow :]

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