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    Runescape (duh) , computers

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    What is suposted to put here?
  1. Aamelo

    Tbfl - The British Fakers Legion Is Dead

    What is suposted to we do? :rooleyes:
  2. How can we vote if there isn no pool ??? >.<
  3. Aamelo

    All The Superfakers!

    Noctorama, did you finish mine?
  4. Player Killer (V.2) [img=http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk5/Aamelo/PlayerKiller2.png] A Very Not Old Fake
  5. Aamelo

    Tbfl - The British Fakers Legion Is Dead

    Sal's Name: Aamelo Nationality: Portugese (Portugal) Two Fakes/Three Ideas/Two Banners: Note: I Lost 4 Minutes reading Fake's Spoiler Sig >.<
  6. Aamelo

    Goblin Competition

    Lolz... a faking one or one in rs coz ill own in both well maybe not in faking.. or would i mehh well see Edit: :D Id own you in both :P So are these the only entries? Are you guys actually working on your fakes or what? And Easl Is spelt E-A-S-L not E-A-S-E-L :D Bring it.. fancey a duel right now in duel arena? coz im bored. Lol. Gonzaman i changle you for a duel! RIGHT NOW! IM MAD! :P
  7. Aamelo

    All The Superfakers!

    Sal's Username: Aamelo ~ Runescape Username: Aamelo One fake that has gotten at least a 5/10 rating: Fake Number 23 - Player Killer (V.2) What your title should be: The Noob one! And image of your player with no background, just your player, preferably saying something that relates to your title: What you want the background to look like: I Don't Care... ...Put any one
  8. Aamelo


    Im waiting for some one that bump's it or add a fake >.<
  9. Aamelo


    When is the fake that me and gonza, and otheres enter? I Wanna be in a fake. I...Whe.
  10. Aamelo


    9.5/10 Hey why am i not there?!
  11. Aamelo

    Runescape On Teh Nes!

    I Will do playstation , PSP , and the others left >.<
  12. No... Cut -> Sell on G.E. -> Banks Money -> Cut -> ...
  13. Aamelo

    Runescape On Teh Nes!

    Looks like a old mario game 5/10 Whats NES?
  14. Aamelo

    Da Runescape Nintendo Ds Faking Project

    AW man. You and TEB aredy quited.... ...who can quit next?! Gonza?! AH YES, Gonza... PROMOTED >.< but i havent done anything :P O.O What ever. lets jet faking Write a bit of a nintendo ds quest. then ii will finish it
  15. Aamelo

    Tbfl - The British Fakers Legion Is Dead

    Poke...IS There any way i can get intro the group without beging British? Because I dont wanna join Omega because they just trink in them selfs

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