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    A Box Of Cornflakes :D

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  1. Hawtypants

    After So Much Gop...

    You know, that COULD be a respectable amount of PureEssence instead of Talismans ;) And Gratz.
  2. Hawtypants

    The Three And Less Digit Club

    3 Digits FTFW
  3. Hawtypants

    Possible Proof Of Sailing Skill?

    There will never be a Sailing, nor a Diving skill. There isn't enough elaboration with the skill. Every skill has at least 1, 2 or maybe 3 skills linked to it. Sailing and Diving have none. TBH These topic are annoying >.> And that Cape model looks nothing like a Lyre.
  4. Hawtypants

    Rate Me

    Your stats are average AND money is very low. OFFTOPIC; where did you get those robes?
  5. Hawtypants

    Rate My First Kingdom Collection

    Wow nice, have you finished both quests or just the one required? I heard the second one gets you more loot or something like that. Congratulations on the eggs, BTW.
  6. Hawtypants

    Signature Outfit

    White zipped hooded jacket with grey cuffs + line at the bottom, black skinny jeans, and White + Black Airwalks. But I look best Nekked >.>
  7. Hawtypants

    Rate My New Pure

    No. This isn't worth rating. 150k in 2 days is terrible. Your stats have no indication of a pking pure. You wasted what little money you have on a pointless grey trim.
  8. Hawtypants

    New Account Username

    be a twin with me. Make Nubs S M D Im S M D Nubs. i rather like it. and if anyone says it's offensive, it stands for Silly Manipulative Donkeys.
  9. Hawtypants

    My Fishing Outfit

    Where do you get the leather Bomber Jacket?
  10. Hawtypants

    Original Name Gallery

    Hi, im W7K. Pleezd 2 meat u. Yeah, some people consider my username, W7K, to be somewhat 'rare'
  11. Hi, I have an everlasting hate for grammatical inferiority. So i'd like to join I mean seriously, why make yourself look like an utter idiot by typing 'pplz' when you can type three extra letters and say 'People'? Stupid pplz. Thanks, Hawt.
  12. Hawtypants

    One Left. :o

    ^Where is that picture from? Goatz Holl, now try getting 99 in a awesum new skill called 'RL'
  13. Hawtypants


    I have an Account named Ah Herpes. hasn't been banned. so this definately shouldn't.
  14. Hawtypants

    Russian Man Trademarks ; - ) Symbol

    i trademark 'fail' 'Epic' and 'russian idiots who trademark emoticons' russian idiots who trademark fail on an epic scale.
  15. Hawtypants

    Your Dream Armour

    Green H'ween Mask Farming Cape [T] Mint Green Defaults. Fremmenik Green Gloves Fremmenik Green Boots. Guthix Book Magic Secatures.

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